[EU] Regarding Reimbursement of Items Lost due to Database Issues (Apr. 9)

Given the server instability that resulted from the World merge which was performed on Mar. 27, 2012, we have decided to reimburse individual items that are lost during technical difficulties with the database equipment. A Game Master (GM) will investigate and reimburse the lost item to the best of their ability.

In the future, if you wish to have an item lost during technical difficulties reimbursed, please go to the Information section after recovery is made and check if the problem was due to difficulties with the database equipment, in which case reimbursement is possible. You can then contact a GM who will investigate your case and reimburse any items that can be restored.

As of this announcement, there have been 4 technical difficulties confirmed on the database equipment.

– Aegis

– Balmung

– Hyperion

– Sargatanas

We deeply apologise for the inconvenience caused by these technical difficulties.