The Final Chapter Of Voidwatch Has Arrived!


  • [dev1103] Voidwatch has received the following additions and updates:
    • Voidwatch: Final Chapter added
      Enemy weaknesses will function differently from previous installments of Voidwatch.
      • Triggering weaknesses will lower enemies’ attack and magic attack power.
      • Abilities and spells learned via merit points will not trigger enemy weaknesses.
      • The thief ability Bully may now trigger enemy weaknesses.
      • Sheep Charge is the only familiar ability that will trigger enemy weaknesses.
      • The ranger ability Bounty Shot will not trigger enemy weaknesses.
      • Wyvern breath attacks will not trigger enemy weaknesses.
      • Only a single blood pact for each avatar will trigger enemy weaknesses:
        • Carbuncle: Holy Mist
        • Fenrir: Lunar Bay
        • Ifrit: Fire IV
        • Shiva: Blizzard IV
        • Garuda: Aero IV
        • Titan: Stone IV
        • Leviathan: Water IV
        • Diabolos: Night Terror
      • For automatons, only the weapon skill Armor Shatterer (Sharpshot Frame) will trigger enemy weaknesses.
      • The summoner ability Modus Veritas will not trigger enemy weaknesses.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been resolved:
    • An issue wherein incorrect system messages were displayed for the monster Bismarck’s standard attacks.
    • An issue wherein the monster Ravishing Rafflesia could not be defeated.
    • An issue wherein equipping the armor Tussle Breeches would occasionally cause a graphical glitch.
    • An issue wherein the item “Gardyloo Trousers” was unobtainable.

    [Window-only updates]

    • An issue wherein autorun could not be disabled.
    • An issue wherein movement via the /follow command would occasionally be interrupted.
    • An issue wherein incorrect background music would play in certain situations.

    [Windows and Xbox 360-only updates]

    • A graphical issue with lamps in Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) and Crawlers’ Nest (S).

Known Issues

  • When using the periapt of sapience key item in the final chapter of Voidwatch, familiar and automaton weakness triggers will not be displayed correctly.
    • Familiars
      Regardless of the message displayed, only sheep-family special attacks will trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • Automatons
      Regardless of the message displayed, only Sharpshot Frame weapon skills will trigger enemy weaknesses.