[NA] A Notice to Players Resuming Their Recurring Service Option (Mar. 28)

The World merge was performed on March 27, 2012. In this merger, all characters will be transferred from their old Worlds to the new ones. However, because this would dramatically increase the volume of characters, we only transferred characters within a service account that had the “Subscribed” status as of both March 26 and March 27, 2012.

The transfer was not performed on characters that did not have the “Subscribed” status on either March 26 or March 27, 2012, or on both days. Transfer of these characters will be performed gradually at a later time. Once the transfer is complete, players will be able to play on their characters in the new World if they have completed the steps to resume their automatic recurring service options.

Priority for the character transfer will be given to players who resume their automatic recurring service option before the transfer process is completed. However, please note that it will take several days after a player resumes their automatic recurring service option for the completed transfer to take effect.

* Transfer of all characters is scheduled to be completed between mid to late April.

We deeply apologize for the belated announcement and for any inconvenience this may cause.