[NA] FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone Updated (Mar. 27)

At the time and date listed below, the FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone was updated in accordance with the World Merge and World Transfer.

Please note that the following information will take some time before it is reflected accurately on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone.
– Information displayed during a character or linkshell search
– Character and linkshell names that had to be renamed due to a overlap in names

[Date & Time]
Mar. 27, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. (PDT)

[Update Details]
* The list of Worlds has been updated with the new World names.

* Transferred linkshell members have been removed from the “Members” list in your linkshell page.

* The “Friend List” in your “Follow” page will only display friends who are from the same world.

* The World name has been removed the “History” page.

* The following changes have been made to the “Last Week’s Heroes” and “Yesterday’s Heroes” sections within the Grand Company pages.
– Certain data will be carried over to the new Worlds.
Please note that the data will be carried over whether you have transferred or merged to a new World.

* Weekly heroes and daily heroes prior to the World Merge have been moved to a different page.
– To view the weekly heroes and daily heroes prior to the World Merge, please click on the link entitled “List of Heroes Prior to the World Merge (March, 2012).”

– Any “Heroes of the Week” and “Yesterday’s Heroes” notifications that you have received prior to the World Merge will be flagged as read and will no longer appear under your notifications.