Content Update 1.1: Global Alliance

In Content Update 1.1, voyage to the new islands of the Sadida Kingdom and the Lands of Kelba, face terrifying new World Bosses, and take part in the revised reward system for dungeons!

Discover these and other anticipated changes in WAKFU Content Update 1.1: Global Alliance.


  • Two new high-level zones have been discovered: Lands of Kelba and the Sadida Kingdom. No longer associated to Amakna and Bonta exclusively as it was in Beta, these areas have since declared independence to become their own neutral islands.

    • New content is designed to facilitate level 60 – 100.
    • Each island will have at least one unique creature family (Crobaks and Boowolves) complete with associated itemsand equipment sets along with its very own exclusive dungeon.
    • Each island is neutral; they cannot be conquered but they are governed by a Clan Member which oversees their own ecosystem, as well.
    • Happy to have such an international alliance, all nations have a special ferry rate: only a one-time fee will be charged (visa processing fee), with all subsequent visit charges rendered waived!
    • Not everything is butterflies and rainbows, however; very powerful creatures lurk in these areas and it won’t be wise to approach one without several comrades



  • Due to the massive amount of changes and fixes, all ability and specialty points have been reset. Please be sure to double-check your stats and spells before re-attributing them.
  • It is no longer possible to use blocking elements, like the Cra’s beacons or the Xelor’s dial, to manipulate the battlefield by blocking off narrow passageways or other similar maneuvers while in combat.


  • Elemental Spells have been rebalanced and Support Spells have largely been increased.
  • Merry”, “Dizzy” and “Worn Out” statescan now evolve up to level 100.
  • Merry”increase 10 levels by 10 levels and “Worn Out”decrease 20 levels by 20 levels.
  • Remaining Barrel liters are now displayed directly next to yourHealth Points, on the same principle as the Feca’s plates.
  • Bamboozle” specialty is no longer used to attract enemies; instead it now grants “Merry” to all allies and “Dizzy” to enemies present in the Area-of-Effect.
  • MilkFountain” now attracts and “Dizzies” targets at the expense of the Pandawa.
  • The state applied by Fire Spells on “Dizzied” targets has changed in order to allow easier access to combos between them.
  • Fire Branch welcomes a new Passive Specialty called "Incandescent Milk"; this specialty will replace “Sherpa” and will increase the Fire Branch’s damage while applying the "Incandescent" state on “Dizzied” targets.
  • "Flaming Burp" is now capable of providing Critical Hits, whereas "Light My Fire" shall be able to kill the target.
  • "Dairy Springer" now applies “Blindness” and "Milking It"; the “Dizzy” state can be freed to inflict more damage.
  • To satisfy fans of the Earth Branch, the spell "Triple Whammy" can now be casted even while carrying the barrel!
  • Pandawas now take the opportunity to drink from the barrel to increase his “Merry” state while using "Barrelhop".
  • "Ether" now degrades the "Worn Out" state at an improved rate.
  • Someone thrownby a Pandawa no longer changes direction.
  • Even while carrying an entity or object, the Pandawa will be removed from the battle upon death, as intended.
  • Pandawas now progress through all three rounds of Knockout while carrying his barrel. If he is carrying a player, the Pandawa has to attempt to place the other player on an adjacent cell first in order to benefit of his three rounds of KO, otherwise he will be removed from combat.
  • Sherpa” consumes liters correctly when activated and applies “Dizzy” to the targets.
  • Strength gained from “Pandawhack” lasts until the beginning of the Pandawa’s next turn.
  • An enemy launched by a Pandawa now suffers from "Motion Sickness".
  • A barrel can no longer be rendered “Dizzy”.


  • Spell damagehas been rebalanced.
  • Passive Specialty"Blood Pact"has been increased; gives 30% more lifeat maximum spell level,formerly20%.
  • Casting "Light Speed" no longer renders the Sacrier invisible to observers.
  • Critical damage from "Burning Blood" is now correct.
  • "Tattooed Blood" now works properly.


  • Srams now see their chance of being spotted before making a move; this is done with the same principle as viewing dodge-rate before moving.
  • "Stabber" is now properly applied even when the target dies.
  • Air Spells no longer make the Sram visible when killing a target from behind.


  • The "Drhellzerker" state cannot be removed.


  • Feca spells can now destroy interactive elements in combat.
  • "Explosive Deglyphment" now returns the consumed Wakfu Point.
  • Fecammer” now works on allies, as intended.


  • "Cat Tree" stabilizes the Ecaflip and now correctly displays in the status bar.
  • "Winning Streak" now releases upon taking damage or being healed, while under the "Tree Cat" state.


  • Bat's Eye” has had its range corrected for level 5, 7 and 9.
  • Piercing Arrow” now applies a correct Riddling value.
  • Powerful Shooting” now activates normally at all levels.
  • Beacons can no longer trigger "Cra Precision".


  • "Resurrection Mark" activates when the Eniripsa is “Transcendent”; in addition, it no longer destroys Chafers that are knocked out.
  • The spell "Beacon Sneakin'" no longer can be used if the Cra is stabilized.
  • "Windy Beacon" now displays the proper Area-of-Effect.

The Loot System

  • The Loot System has been improved overall:

    • Better balanced drop-rates
    • Certain unique items, such as equipment sets, have become more rare
    • Resources are easier to obtain while in a group, and those of lower quality (i.e. wool and horns) will be found in much high quantities
    • A minimum Prospecting rate is now required to allow certain items to drop
    • Prospecting (the base rate plus bonus) will now stack group-wise in order to unlock certain items
    • Within a group, members who have the least Prospecting rate will not be penalized by those who have the highest rate.
    • The number of group members has a direct effect on the number of objects obtained; this does not affect the maximum number of items available.
  • To summarize: the more people you play with, the more chances at loot you’ll have. As this was note the case with the old system, we wanted to offer you a better way to manage rewards while in Solo play versus Group play.
  • Prospecting will increase your personal chances of having an item drop, with each creature having a maximum number of possible items to drop.
  • The system has not been balanced to favor Enutrofs, but instead, to ensure that the number of items that drop reflect the amount of group members that helped contribute to obtaining the items in the first place.

User Interface

  • Added additional icons during NPC dialogues.
  • Speed Bonus icons have been redone in order to promote better readability.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the map.
  • The Quest System has been extracted from the Achievement Window in order to become independent; they each now have their own interface accordingly.
  • Quest-related items now have their own unlimited inventory, allowing your standard inventory space to go unhindered.


  • Hunger behavior has been modified; pets can now be fed as frequently as every 6 hours or as infrequent as every 72 hours, while between each game connection they cannot lose more than three Health Points at a time.


  • The following creatures have been rebalanced, including damage:

    • Whirligi Family
    • Stritch Family
    • Stalagmote Family
    • Albatrocious Family
    • Mushdskito Family
    • Crab Family
    • Kralove  Family
    • Arachnee Family
  • Wild Gobballs have been overhauled; their level and stats have been substantially increased, along with their spells becoming slightly more diverse.
  • The buff “Killer Death Sword” of Darth Mussels now vanishes correctly after his death.
  • Creatures now attack interactive elements, such as barrels, beacons, and dials, as originally intended.


  • Requirements to craft “Rad Bool”, “KenKO”, and “Osamodas Powder” have been lowered in order to make these items more accessible.
  • Profession Tools, including Gold versions, have been removed in order to facilitate a streamlined gameplay experience and to allow the Accessory Slot to function with costumes without greater friction (please note that the Fire of Love currently still uses the Accessory Slot, however).
  • A greater amount of iron deposits have been placed within the first national zone and at Floor -1 within the Stoodeep Mines, while at the same time an amount of Crumbly Rocks have been removed.
  • Scaraleaf seeds can be planted in the Mourning Wood.
  • Bellaphone and Striches can be planted in Pabong Field.
  • Albatrocious can be planted in Terrana Dune.
  • Scarecrow can be planted in Fertile Prairie.
  • Barleynow grows properly.
  • The interfaces now display the correct resources.


  • Dungeons now involve a new Token System; at the end of each dungeon run, you'll now receive a token which can be exchanged for keys or equipment pieces.
  • It is no longer possible to get two Tasteless Seeds in the Fields Dungeon.
  • Drheller keys can no longer be obtained.
  • The Gobball Dungeon chests can now be opened.


  • It is now possible to see Gift details from within the interface without having to retrieve them first.
  • Gameplay books are now available for all classes upon character creation.
  • Bandits of Amkana have been forced into exile; the ancient Cracklers have taken their place as a result.


  • Emote, "Show Your Weapon" now displays correctly.
  • The screen no longer shutters if the player disconnects while on the boat to Mount Zinit.
  • Timeline issues caused by the Sacrificial Doll have been corrected.
  • Consumption of different candies now gives the correct bonuses.
  • Items sold while under “Merchant Mode” now receive their appropriate Kamas.
  • The quest "The Proof of the Puddle is in the Beating" now validates.
  • When a Guild Leader is removed, the Second-in-Command assumes control.
  • Pets and Makabras which are stored in chests no longer reset their characteristics.
  • Nox server time has been adjusted in order to better reflect local North American timezones.