Dev Blog: Bonta the Divine

Choosing a nation can be a daunting task, and rightly so! Each week we'll give you the lowdown on all four countries of the World of Twelve – from their history to their Clan Members and  professions (and maybe their dirty little secrets, too) all of which should help you make an informed decision on what side of the chance cube to join!

Sound good? Then let’s get a deeper look at who's on deck this week: Bonta.

Law and order reign supreme. Renowned for its lawmakers as well as its armorers, Bonta is the nation of choice for any adventurer who values the lives of others as much as their own. Bonta’s polished, white flagstones sparkle in the sunlight and reflect the care and attention the locals pay to their nation. This pride is mirrored in the city’s coat of arms, which features the lush, green forests Bontarians love so much.


Bonta is famous for the quality of its armor and its handymen (and women!), so you’ll find more machines dedicated to these professions than you will elsewhere. You can learn one (or more!) of these specialities by talking to Nina Richa on 5th Bond Avenue or Macrobio on Pancake Bridge.

Lumberjacks are also pretty important in Bonta, and with good reason, because the entire area is covered with dense forests! Three Clan Members will teach you the secrets of this noble profession.


Master Hoot will welcome you as soon as you arrive at Bonta HQ.  He’ll tell you all about the nation’s customs and teach you the Lumberjack profession, and there’s no one else who knows as much about the ancient city’s timeworn stones.

Jonk Lees keeps a watchful eye on the Ruins of Bonta. Don’t be fooled by his armour and huge arms – he’s one of the best Herbalists on the entire archipelago! If you can put up with his constant teasing, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this green-fingered art.

Monty Bello is waiting in his meadow to describe the joys of being a great Trapper. Mind you don’t mistake him for one of the many Gobballs that roam the area – his hat and cardigan make for a pretty convincing disguise. If you can’t find him, look for the only Gobball waving a shepherd’s crook!

Talking of mistaken identity, you’d be forgiven for thinking Gnarled Barklee was a tree! This imposing Lumberjack protects his forest with an uprooted tree strapped to his back! Don’t be fooled by his size, though, because beneath his tough exterior, he’s as soft as a newborn Gobbly.

Ah, the legendary Cania Plains! You won’t get far before you bump into Justice Knight of the League of Justice, the living embodiment of the Bontarian justice system! If you’re planning on having him teach you the Farmer profession, don’t mention his Shushu cloak – he’ll talk about it for hours!

Baal Stroud keeps a beady eye on the Kara Mines. You might have to shout up if you want to have any kind of meaningful discourse with him, because his hearing is somewhat selective! Talk to him about mining, and he’ll chatter on for hours, but try anything else, and there’s a danger he’ll understand the opposite of what you said!

If festering marshland is your thing, make your way over to the Cania Swamps, where the legendary Crocoburio will tell you the story of his birth, and give you a few tips on how to become a better Fisherman!

The last stop on your Bontarian adventure should definitely be the Thicket of Yurbut. If you lose your way, a mysterious, hooded Sadida will be there to help. He goes by the name of Yew Teeny, and if you can decipher his thick accent, the Lumberjack profession will be yours to learn!

The three trade bridges are in the capable hands of Nina Richa (the go-to girl for Armorers, Jewellers, Tailors and Leather Dealers), Clout (who knows Close-Combat, Long-Distance and Area-of-Effect weapons like no one else) and Macrobio (Baker, Chef and Handyman extraordinaire). They take great pride in their work, but you’d expect nothing less – the reputation of Bonta is at stake, after all!


Marle the Careful is the currently elected governor of Bonta. A member of the guild “Kamaradery”, Marle has made it her directive to provide a thriving ecomomy for her people based around a central commodity: barley! Amakna better watch out — they have some growing competition!


More than anything else, it’s Bonta’s eclectic landscapes that give it its charm. From wide-open prairies and marshland, to dense forest and canyons, you won’t have far to travel before you lose yourself completely!


Certain monster families can only be found in Bonta:

Average Level: 20 – 30
Loot Type: Moogrr set, Dried Dung, Pi de Moogrr
It’s difficult to say which is more aggressive: a Moogrr with its sharp horns, or the Mooflies that buzz around them.

Average Level: 20 – 35
Loot Type: Blibli set, Blibli Tooth, Blibli Tusk
It will be interesting to see what knocks you off your feet first – a charging Blibli or the stench coming off it!

Average Level: 40  – 50
Loot Type: Whirligig set, Whirly Fin, Whirligig Shell
Does the breeze from a spinning Whirligig create a hurricane thousands of miles away?

You’ll also find Prespics, Boos and Moskitos, so you might finish your fights a little dirtier than when you started – but it’s nothing the crystal clear waters of Bonta won’t wash away.


In case you haven’t had enough of the nation’s charm during your travels, the adventure continues in its exclusive dungeons.

The Boarthroom

It looks like the entire Blibli clan set up home here. It stinks of slurry and you can’t see past the buzzing clouds of Mooflies. Surely that’s all the motivation you need to make a hog roast out of these pungent piggies!


Tsu’s Palace

If the smell doesn’t drive you mad, then the insufferable buzzing noise surely will! The Moskitos and their great Tsu have a thirst for blood – let’s hope you can quench it with your blade!


Riktus Den

Order may appear to reign in Bonta, but chaos isn’t far away, as the Bandits who blight this fair city will tell you! Riktus Dens can be found on each archipelago, much to the general population’s disgust, and each is different to the other. They do have one thing in common, mind – they’re chock full of traps!

Someone needs to remind these petty criminals who exactly makes the law around here – and that someone is you! Are you ready?

So there you have it; three exclusive dungeons to test your fighting skills to the max!
If you love the smell of the forest, the gleam of shiny white flagstones and the taste of justice, Bonta is the nation for you!