Dev Blog: Amakna the Bountiful

Choosing a nation can be a daunting task, and rightly so! Beginning today, each week we'll give you the lowdown on all four countries of the World of Twelve – from their history to their Clan Members and  professions (and maybe their dirty little secrets, too) all in the name of scien-erm, exploration, which should help you make an informed decision on what side of the chance cube to join!

Sound good? Then let’s get a deeper look at who's on deck: Amakna


Amakna, once a tiny village that has wondrously transformed into a vast country known far-and-wide for its exquisite cuisine!

Not only are they known for the tenderest meat and softest bread around, but coincidentally it’s also packed with steadfast warriors! We guess where you find food, you find men…

Proud of their heritage, Amaknians have embedded the Royal Gobball within their coat of arms, making them the most tasteful (or tasty) nation out there.


Amakna’s specialties are cooking, baking and leather dealing. Therefore, you'll find an abundance of machines dedicated to these professions — at least more than you'll find elsewhere!

You can learn these professions by talking to Clan Member Shosanne on Crusty Road or Georgiana Marni in Traff Algar Square.


Farmers are pretty important in Amakna, too! After all, if there's no wheat there's no flour and therefore no cakes! The horror!


Master Pigmy will quickly welcome you upon your arrival to the headquarters. Full of insightful information of customers and farming knowledge, this feathered friend knows the archipelago better than the back of his hand (er… so to speak), so rest assured, you’ll be in good hands!

Renowned lumberjack Jonk Andee is in charge of Amakna Village. Don’t be fooled by his intimidating size and booming voice though – if you chip away at his tough exterior, you’ll quickly discover he has a heart of gold. And what’s more, he’s full of helpful advice to get you started on your adventures.

Furthermore, Farle Ingalsse will be more than eager to show you his fields and help you become a farmer – that is, if if Master Pigmy hasn’t managed to convince you already. But while Farle may look as cool as a cucumber, he lives for his crops and won’t be as friendly if you treat them badly.

Next up, there’s everyone’s favorite trapper, Hugo Bello. Go and see him in his prairie and he’ll teach you everything he knows (which is quite a lot for a youngster). Oh, and if you think you can pull the wool over his eyes, think again! Hugo may look young, but what he lacks in wrinkles, he makes up for in hard-earned experience!

And finally, pay a visit to the Fertile Prairie. There, Nick E. Larsen will try to awaken your inner herbalist… and your inner rockstar! “Nicky” (as his friends call him) is as rock-‘n’-roll as they come and loves music just as much as he loves nature! It may appear as an unlikely combination, but it actually works pretty harmoniously (and if you disagree, you’d be best keeping it to yourself).

Head out to Gobballfield Country and baking superstar Xav will take some time out to teach you all about his profession. He might even flash you one of his trademark smiles if he likes you (we don't know about "like, likes" though).

Another meeting awaits you in the Singing Fields. This time it’s with Shika, and she’s ready to reel you in with all her hints and tips on the fisherman profession.

With his trusty shovel by his side, Alibert is the guardian of the territory of Emelka (and keeper of his Inn, of course). Just ask, and he’ll share all his expertise – get ready to know absolutely everything about being a chef!

Pick your way through the Holey Forest to find Amakna’s finest miner, Jaffin. He’ll teach you all the tricks to become a great miner, provided you don’t wake him up too abruptly!


The three trade bridges are in the capable hands of Giorgiana Marni (the go-to girl for armorers, jewelers, tailors and leather dealers), Bakander (who knows close-combat, long-distance and area-of-effect weapons like no-one else) and Shosanne (baker, chef and handywoman extraordinaire). Be warned: all three of them can have a little bit of a temper… but you have to have thick skin if you want to corner the market!


Zent has been elected to join the prestigious rank of Governor for the nation of Amakna! This member of the guild Paradox Of Pandora promote the continuous evolution of Amakna, as well as the expansion of the public transportation system.


Mostly made up of rolling, green meadows, whether knee-deep in Gobballs on Hugo’s Prairie or trekking across Emelka, the grass is always greener in Amakna!


Certain creature families swear by Amakna’s fresh air.

Field Plants

Average level: 20 – 35

Types of treasure dropped: Buk Set, Country Scalp, Sweet Nectar

Never before have rose thorns and dandelion pollen seemed so dangerous!


Average level: 30 – 40

Types of treasure dropped: Toad Set, Toad Tongue, Toad Slobber

If you go trampling through their natural habitat, then you’ll only have yourself to blame when they stick their tongues out at you!

Amaknian Bandits

Average level: 45 – 55

Types of treasure dropped: Riktus Set, Bandit Breath, Riktus Cloth

Watch out for these cunning little scoundrels! They’ll gang up on their opponent and launch sneaky attacks in close combat or from a distance.

You’ll also find Scarecroolates, Puddlies and Polters roaming around, refusing to leave the land that has become their playground.

You might want to think twice if you have hay fever or other allergies, though!


If you haven't fallen for the nation's charm yet, the adventure continues in its exclusive, rustic dungeons.

Sureberry Fields

Take a stand against the terrifying Field Plants family! Brace yourself for thorny battles and stinging attacks as the unrefined monsters have a field day!

Some people say that two horrible, gigantic beasts slumber at the heart of this dungeon, including the Carnivorous Plant with its deadly bite…


Miss Ugly Tower

Princess Lela is in her bedroom right up at the top of the tower, and she’s ready and waiting just for you! A word of warning: she’s had nobody but her pillow to hug for a pretty long time, so as a visitor you'd be offering a real object for her affections…

Before you can get a taste of her sweet embrace, you’ll have to work your way up the tower, defeating her army of Toads as you go (nothing "charming" about these guys, though).


Riktus Den

And there you were wondering where Amakna’s Bandits spent their free time… well, right here, of course!

It’s about time someone brought these petty criminals to justice! Are you up for the challenge?

So there you have it; three exclusive dungeons to test your mettle.

If you enjoy a good meal and are cream of the crop when it comes to battles,
Amakna is sure to be just your cup of tea!