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FFXIV: Little Ladies’ Day — Out On the Town

9 Mar 2012

Little Ladies’ Day, the festival that celebrates young girls everywhere, is upon us once again, and The Mythril Eye, financial newspaper of Ul’dah, has brought out a special report.

Read on to learn more about the festival.

Little Ladies’ Day — Out On the Town (03/09/2012)


Never blinking and all-seeing, The Mythril Eye misses naught that transpires within the lustrous domain of coin. Today our staff writers have put together a special report on Little Ladies’ Day, the beloved festival that originated right here in Ul’dah.


Peach blossom earrings all the rage?

As the Garlean menace casts its shadow over the land, our captains of commerce do not stand idle. They are responding to chaotic times by establishing new trade routes, investing in grains, and stockpiling mlitary supplies.

And even as their parents chase down business opportunities, the young merchant daughters of Ul’dah are chasing the latest fashion trends. But do not call them foolish or flighty! Nay, for the young girls’ spending is the fuel that feeds the fires of commerce.

In this season when the peach blossoms bloom, we are reminded of Princess Edyva of the Thorne dynasty, whose famous tale became the origin of our Little Ladies’ Day festival. Our thoughts also turn to the plight of parents, who each year must cast about for a suitable gift to present to their young darlings.

So, let us do some casting of our own and find out what young girls are hankering for this season. To guide us through this dynamic market, we turned to Lady Yuyune, proprietor of Eshtaime’s Lapidaries and expert on the fashion trends of society at large.

“Well, young women are really into refined and elegant ear-wear. For a while it was all about big, brilliant, look-at-me gemstones, but that is so last month. Today, the better sorts of girls are buying up enamel and crystal wrought into leaves and flowers and little animals and the like. Very classy, very cute.”

As this reporter was leaving, Lady Yuyune produced an attractive pair of earrings with a peach blossom motif that she promised would be a can’t-miss Little Ladies’ Day gift. They were, she told us, part of a brand new collection made exclusively at Eshtaime’s Lapidaries. It was not altogether clear whether she was offering them as an example of the latest trends or just trying to close another sale. Whatever the case may have been, it is safe to say that like Sunsilk Tapestries, Lady Yuyune’s shop is setting the trends, not following them. A bauble from Eshtaime’s Lapidaries would be a smart investment for parents looking for an “affection safe haven.” We rate their gifts a buy.

Event Dates
The festival will run from approximately 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 13 to 6:59 a.m. on Monday, March 26 PDT.


How to Participate
During the festival, you might spot Little Ladies of the Town at these locations. Do stop by and pay them a compliment or two.


Little Lady Locations


Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks




Ul’dah Merchant Strip

* The Legend of the Lost Lady

Three centuries past, the city-state of Ul’dah was ruled by an iron-fisted sultan by the name of Baldric Thorne—a man feared across the region for his quick temper and his even swifter justice. Perhaps as punishment for his compassionless ways, the Twelve saw fit to bless the sultan with but a single daughter, Edvya, whom the sultan loved more than the sun and the moons. And it was this love that drove Baldric to take measures that would ensure no harm ever befell the princess—including her confinement to the royal palace and the assignment of a retinue of over fifty handmaidens and seneschals.

As the princess grew older, however, a longing to explore the unknown land that lay beyond the palace walls tugged at her soul, until one day, in a devilish display of wit, she switched clothes with a miller girl come to the palace with her mother to deliver flour to the kitchens. Once Edvya had exchanged her beautiful gown and tiara for the soiled rags of a commoner, it proved little trouble to pass unnoticed through her legion of servants and slip out into the city for a day of wicked fun.

It did not take long for the palace to realize something was afoot, and upon discovering that his only daughter was missing, the sultan, overcome with rage, immediately ordered the sultanate’s entire standing army to scour the city until they had found the princess. As for the royal impostor, thinking that Edvya may have been kidnapped by the girl’s mother, the sultan ordered the miller’s house torn apart, her family arrested, tortured, and thrown in the royal oubliette.

As luck would have it, the princess had not wandered far from the palace, and was discovered in a nearby market by her father’s men. Once back in the safety of the palace, Edvya revealed the whole ruse to her father, explaining that she had conjured it on her own, and begged that he show mercy to the miller’s family.

Upon realizing that the atrocities committed to the miller girl and her family were without warrant, he had the family released from the oubliette and summoned to the royal audience chamber. Here, not only did he personally apologize to the family and order the royal architects to design and build them a new home, but, in a move most unexpected, Baldric himself offered to serve as the daughter’s seneschal for a full day, saying that no young woman, regardless of her standing, should be denied the respect due all citizens of the sultanate; that all girls, common or noble, are ‘ladies’ in their own right.

Rumors of this unforeseen display of humility were quick to spread through Ul’dah and ultimately proved to be extremely well-received amongst the smallfolk, who, until then, had perceived their leader as little more than a heartless despot. So well-received were they, in fact, that the sultan declared one day from each solar year on which he would select, via lots, a common girl from the city and serve as her personal seneschal, as he had done with the miller’s daughter.