Meteor Details Surface

6 Mar 2012

Sometimes it can take the Final Fantasy XI Development Team quite a bit of time to implement things. Just look at how long it took to get Alexander and Odin! Today there was some news regarding something else we heard about long ago- Meteor!

Camate's Avatar Comm. Rep

It’s been quite some time since we first announced that we would be implementing Meteor, but we’re about ready to get this bad boy in for you all to use.

The specifications are nearly finalized and we are planning the below stats:

  • Can only cast Meteor while under the effect of Elemental Seal
    *For testing purposes, you will be able to use Meteor without Elemental Seal active on the test server.
  • Non-elemental damage
  • In the case that multiple party members also cast the spell, damage will increase. The animation will also vary.

We needed a good amount of time to add new elements to the game such as behavior when multiple players cast the spell, but it seems like we are just about ready to have you all test it out on the test server this week!