WAKFU: Rewards for Beta Survivors

Hooray! You have officially survived the WAKFU Beta! You are now a true survivor. Soon, newcomers will set foot on the World of Twelve and strengthen our nations. So to always be able to recognize your hard work and experience gained during the Beta, we are offering you the Survivor Kit!

As a proof of your hard earned experience as a WAKFU Beta Tester, and as a symbol of having belonged to the Beta Tester community, all accounts that have participated in the Beta will receive the Survivor Kit, containing:

  • The “Survivor” exclusive in-game title
  • The “Survivor” exclusive in-game equipment set

A unique code allowing you to unlock these rewards will be sent in the upcoming days, so make sure to check your Ankabox!

See you in-game on February 29th 2012, to receive your set and title.