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Valentione's Day Screenshot Contest!

14 Feb 2012

Love is beginning to fill the air in Vana’diel with the arrival of Valentione’s Day. To add to the festivities the Community Team is going to hold a contest to get adventurers into the celebratory spirit! All you need to do is log in to FINAL FANTASY XI and take your best Valentione’s Day-related screenshot.

The Community Team will be selecting ten screenshots and awarding those lucky players with an in-game Love Chocolate signed by whichever member of the Community Team you want. Ever wanted to show off your love for Camate with a heart chocolate in your bazaar? Wanted to brag that Rukkirii herself baked you a sweet morsel of affection? Don’t even get us started on Bayohne!

How creative you get is up to you, so let your imagination run wild! Fire up those Soultrappers, grab a stack of soul plates, and snap some shots! (Note: Soultrappers are not actually what you need to use to take screenshots.)

Hitch a ride on Cupid’s arrow over to the forums to check out the official contest details.