FFXIV: Private Player Residences

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[dev1301] Private Player Residences

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* The following changes are scheduled for the 1.21 patch release.
* Features are under development and subject to change or postponement.

  • With Patch 1.21, players will be able to access inn rooms, private areas for their own use, after completing certain quests.
    • Inn quests In each city, players will be able to use an inn room after completing a quest issued by the NPC manning the front desk of the inn. Players must first complete the main quests listed below in order to accept an inn quest.
      City Quest
      Limsa Lominsa Treasures of the Main
      Gridania Souls Gone Wild
      Ul’dah Court in the Sands
    • Inn functions Inns can be used free of charge, and provide the following functions:
      • Replay event scenes
        In the inn, players may access a list of completed quests called the Records of a Journey (provisional name) from which they can replay event scenes as many times as they like. Event scenes can also be skipped.
        * When replaying event scenes, player characters are shown with their current equipment, rather than the equipment they were wearing when they first completed the quest.
        * Event scenes from inside raid dungeons and non-event scenes will not be viewable from the Records of a Journey (provisional name).
      • Rested bonus (provisional name)
        When player characters enter an inn, they go into “resting mode,” accumulating a rested bonus as time passes. Even after players have logged out, the rested bonus will continue to accumulate up to a maximum limit.

        The accumulated bonus is visible on the EXP bar.

        When characters have accumulated sufficient rested bonus, they receive a boost to experience points received. The accumulated bonus decreases in proportion to the experience point bonus granted, and when it reaches zero the effect ceases.
        * When playing with a level 50 class, the rested bonus does not decrease.
        * The bonus does not apply to experience points received as part of quest rewards or for completing levequests.

        With the implementation of the rested bonus, Guardian’s Aspect will be abolished and the experience points awarded in regional levequests will be adjusted. Players will receive more experience points than they do now when not under the effect of Guardian’s Aspect. 

      • In the current Patch 1.21, the inn rooms are simplified private areas, and players cannot synthesize, repair, or affix material while in them. (Such features are planned for inclusion in FFXIV Version 2.0’s housing system.)

      * More features, such as login events, are planned for the future.

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