Event: Saint Ballotwine

This is the Gobball’s Season of Love and they are inviting you to participate in a very special event. Help spread the love around and receive delightful delicacies only found during Saint Ballotwine.

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oooh…

An epidemic is going around affecting the cute and cuddly Gobballs we all know and love. Losing their clean white woolly sweaters and develop abnormally pink ones instead, it’s apparent that Saint Ballotwine is upon us!

Come celebrate this special world event with these lively cotton candy balls, and to help you become more affectionate, each nation will be supplied with a stock of festive chocolates and fairyworks (via the gift interface).

But like a bad advertisement, that’s not all! These unique creatures hold in their stomach exclusive rewards and yummy treats (this tends to happen when you have sweet gifts around animals). Race to finish the special holiday achievement and find yourself surrounded by a romantic atmosphere.


Starting tomorrow, experience the magic of Saint Ballotwine from February 15th through February 18th and find yourself hugging a Gobball or two, making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.