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Dev Blog: Wrath of Ogrest's Chaos

13 Feb 2012

Last week, we unveiled Mount Zinit and the mission to challenge Ogrest, the one responsible for the Great Deluge. Was the challenge alone not enough motivation to get your keester in gear?

On the next Content Update, scheduled for February 15th, you’ll have a thousand reasons to want him gone

As you know, the grief of Ogrest was immense and the flood that ensued was simply the catalyst for what would be the apocalypse of the World of Twelve – at the very least, the end to civilization as we knew it. Years later, while the world has stabilized some, the ogre’s anguish has not yet fully passed.

Regularly, his sobs and tantrums shake the foundation of our world as he triggers what everyone now calls, “Ogrest’s Chaos”.

Ogrest’s Chaos

Your life and all its tranquility – your composed strolls through the market streets, the serenity of frolicking with the Gobballs – keep these memories dear to your heart because the world you knew has just been shattered!

Furious having been reminded of life outside his peak, with the new expeditions to Mt. Zinit, Ogrest has unleashed a new wave of Chaos upon the lands and further spreads his deep sadness.

When triggered, all nations will bear the effects of “Ogrest’s Chaos” simultaneously, but only a particular territory within each nation will suffer the effects of a single tempest. Nevertheless, when a territory falls under the dark effects of chaos, not even the biggest umbrella can save you as the ecosystem and public facilities will suffer the wrath of the turbulent onslaught!

As a citizen of the World of Twelve, it is up to you to defend your homes and livelihood by restoring balance and putting a stop to these calamities.

The Difference

Whenever a territory suffers the effects of “Ogrest’s Chaos”, all citizens will be notified via a public service broadcast of where the event is taking place.

If you choose to help conquer the chaos, be prepared! A special area Challenge will be issued. You may contribute to the cause by carrying out any of the several tasks offered, such as:

  • Destroy Chaos Plants that corrupt the environment
  • Stop creatures that have come to steal valuable natural resources
  • Stop creatures that have come to steal the seeds of local fauna



After the invaders have been beaten back and the Challenge has been won, “Ogrest’s Chaos” will subside. But that is just the beginning! Your assistance will be needed as our city facilities must be repaired so that we can be prepared to fend off the darkness again!

A True Community Effort

As explained, “Ogrest’s Chaos” is a real threat that cannot be conquered by individual strength alone, but instead with the communal effort of the people. Failure to work together will have devastating consequences on our homes as effects ripple across the ecosystem, public challenges, economy, and even political system.

If we fail to tackle the challenge, not only will our facilities continue to lay in ruin, our soil unable to bear fruit and our animals incapable of producing offspring, but we will be forced to watch as our lands are abused by the underlings of the terrible Ogre.

Though not everything is doom and gloom – these raiders hold unique treasures and successfully confronting them will prove quite the experience.

And once the darkness has passed, the beautiful face of our lands will shine once more and life will be free to rebuild and continue on. But stay vigilant and prepare yourselves for you never know when nor where “Ogrest’s Chaos” will strike!

Ready or not… the wrath of Ogrest arrives on February 15th…