Dev Blog: Ascend Mt. Zinit

Many adventurers have dreamt of one day confronting the great and terrible Ogrest, the one responsible for the flooding the World of Twelve naught but a few centuries ago. Well, it seems you may get your chance for glory after all – a path to Mt. Zinit has been discovered! But be forewarned; many a grand challenge await those brave enough to venture beyond our borders in hopes of persuing fame and glory…

Mount Zinit… a word that has forever sparked both fear and admiration in the hearts of daring adventurers. And with its peak being the highest point of the World of Twelve, Ogrest is rumored to sit upon his rocky throne here.

Mount Zinit: Origins

Unlike anything else than can be found in the world, Mt. Zinit supports an odd yet beautiful environment. But with both Wakfu and Stasis converging at a single point at such a high concentration, any action you take can have serious repercussions elsewhere in the world. And it is here, that we now offer you a chance to alter the course of history…

Wait, let’s pause for a moment! Let’s rewind and talk about the origins of this mysterious peak.

Many years ago, in a different age, Mt. Zinit was a sacred and holy land, respected by all; an ideal spot for building mysteries and burying secrets. And at its foot, the Eliatrope Council met, the elders of a long gone race, where they came to make important decisions in solitude.

It is said that the Patriarch Eliatrope, Chibi, would even climb to the top of the mountain in order to seek advice and counsel from his goddess. On the other hand, legend also speaks of his experiments with Stasis here, away from prying eyes and suspicion, before the arrival of Orgonax which led to the unfortunate destruction of the Eliatrope colony.

This brings us to the present…

At the conclusion of the Dofus Era, Ogrest, mad with grief after losing his beloved, climbed to the top of the highest mountain and started to cry. His grief was so strong that his sobs continued unabated, developing into a deluge that drowned the world, marking the beginning of the Wakfu Era.

Bossowl and Ullu: Your Path

Incarnam, the place for young adventurers to live carefree; this is where you rub shoulders with Wodents, become aware that your actions have affects on the local ecosystem, and how to cover your bum and learn to fight!

Once these concepts are ingrained into your behavior, Sokay offers you the world. Well, at the very least the start of it: Astrub.

And there you have it. After some adventures and investigation for a few feathered friends, you can opt for citizenship of a nation to join and rally behind. To do so, you must seek out a new bureaucratic member, the Grand Chief of the Owls, Master Bossowl, located in the Center Square where he will stamp your papers and you’ll become a real resident of the World of Twelve. Feel good, don’t it?

But what’s even curiouser, you see, isn’t Master Bossowl himself but what’s alongside him: Ullu.

While Bossowl offers all the keys of becoming a good citizen through the four nations: ecosystem management, participation in political affairs and dungeons, Ullu… well, he will extend an offer you cannot refuse

If you dare to offer a moment of your time, Ullu will ask that you leave the beaten road in order to voyage to a new route: Mt. Zinit! Indeed, the creature that resides there wreaks havoc on the moors of the world and all agree it would be good if someone put an end to this problem.

If you listen further, Ullu may even let slip the location of a pier where a boat, the Hullcat, awaits to take you to the foot of a legend… there’s only one stipulation of course, but that’s for another story.

Now the choice is yours. Will you try your luck as a fresh incarnate or heed the advice of a wise owl and build your strength and return better and stronger? You choose the path of your destiny!

A Unique Experience

Mt. Zinit offers a completely unique game experience in its own right. As WAKFU’s “main quest”, you will be able to discover the world in a completely new light!

Your mission, shall you choose to accept it: dive into the legends of old and seek out Ogrest.

The path to achieve this monumental undertaking though is long and fraught with pitfalls … you will need to rise above epic quests and overcome new adversaries!

And through personal strength, or the assistance of your friends, you will rediscover the history of WAKFU through these scenarios. You will find quests, monsters, and exclusive zones in a place where danger and challenge await behind every corner.

But of course! Since you can start your endeavor to the Great Mountain from Astrub, you are free to come and go as you please. To you, your choice is freedom: seek out the legend, get involved in political drama, explore adventurous dungeons, corner markets, and everything else in between.

It’s all up to you in the next Content Update, arriving February 15th, 2012!