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WAKFU: Reserve Your Names Now

8 Feb 2012

As a way to thank our valued community for the valiant testing efforts throughout WAKFU’s Beta, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to secure your character and guild names in advance, before launch, absolutely free!

We bet that you’ve booted up a game, ready to face a new world with new possibilities with the perfect character in mind only to be confronted with the dreaded error, “This name is no longer available.

Oh, the frustration! How dare a n00b, an imposter, take the name you’ve been using for years?!

Well, those days are over! At least for Beta testers, that is.

As WAKFU will undergo a server reset upon launch, as a special ‘thank you’ for your active participation in the Beta versions of the game, all players who’ve logged into the game before February 7th, 2012 will now be able to reserve one (1) in-game character name and one (1) guild name per account on the North American game server, ‘Nox’.

Hurry up – qualified users must fill in the form before February 17th or subject themselves to the launch day foray like everyone else.

Reserve your names today!