Help Shape Episodes With AR And PFA Outlines!

Aetheryte Radio Episode Outline Pet Food Alpha Episode Outline

Listeners of our Aetheryte Radio and Pet Food Alpha podcasts will already know that for the last several weeks, we’ve been playing with a new concept to allow everyone to help shape the direction of our episodes.

Using Google Docs, we’ll create an outline for every one of our Aetheryte Radio and Pet Food Alpha episodes that you’ll then be able to look at and make comments on. Is there something we missed? Is there a certain point in a news story that you think should be emphasized? You can comment on the document (via the upper right corner) and let us know what you’d like to hear!

At the top of each outline we’ll also include all the links you need to further interact with the episode including our e-mail addresses, bragging rights threads, and twitter accounts.

We’re always looking for new ways for listeners to interact with our podcasts and hope you all enjoy the new episode outlines!