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Dev Blog: Pets of the World of Twelve

31 Jan 2012

Who hasn’t dreamt of a cute Bow Meow or a cuddly Gobball happily curled upon their feet? Well, dreams really do come true – pets are coming to WAKFU!

Learn more about the adorable companions that will join you on your adventures soon!

You’ve been demanding them, so wait no more!

We’re happy to announce that pets will be available in WAKFU by launch.

The Pet System

Pets can be obtained through a multitude of ways: as achievement rewards, rare drops, or even as a Premium Membership gift.

More than just good looks, pets are involved in a completely new system and each pet benefits its master in some way. This bonus is determined by factoring in the pet’s type, along with its level, and the type of food that you feed it.

Born with a vitality of 20 Health Points, a pet will lose one point of Health upon the following conditions:

  • Fed infrequently (either too little or too often)
  • Fed with non-suitable feed (something that isn’t appropriate for its diet)
  • Upon death of its master

In the event your little companion starts to lose too many Health Points and its HP falls below zero, it will enter the “Weakened” state and will no longer offer bonuses to its master. However, pets can be rejuvenated at any time through the use of Osamoda Powder (up to 20, maximum).

When you first obtain your new pet, they will begin at level 0, but through proper care, you can ensure it grows big and strong to a maximum level of 50. All you need to do is maintain its diet or win fights while having your pet at your side.

For those that study under the tutelage of the world renowned fashionista Nina Richa, pets can also be customized! Use either consumable dyes to change its color or equip it with a decoration item – or both! Make your pet the envy of your friends!

The Gemlin

And what about our old gelatinous friend, the helpful Gemlin?

The Gemlin will remain ever waiting to be saved from the horrible Bow Meow during your first steps in Incarnam. This in fact makes him your first pet and loyal companion during the early adventures in the World of Twelve. But if gooey-blobs-for-friends aren’t your cup-of-tea, well, having the opportunity to adopt another type of creature may serve as an occasion to rejoice (though we hear that Gemlins having no bone structure can do wonders for added protection in fights – 50 additional Health Points, in fact).