Resident Evil: Revelaitons Price Drop!

Resident Evil: Revelations

Those that said Resident Evil: Revelations’ price of $49.99 was too high might be interested in learning that a price drop was announced earlier today. After Capcom committed “weeks of effort” looking for a way to bring the cost down to standard 3DS pricing, the game will now cost $39.99.

The reasoning given for the initial price was that Revelations uses a 4GB card instead of the normal 2GB card. The game is so awesome that standard cards can’t hold it, and thus it was given a non-standard price. Makes sense yeah? Even though it has a bit of logic attached to it, people still didn’t want to pay quite that much money for a 3DS game and so now we have a lower price. Sweet!

Resident Evil: Revelations is already out in Japan and Europe and launches in North America on February 7th.