Event: Stress Test Weekend

This Saturday (1/28) and Sunday (1/29) we will be holding a Stress Test Weekend event.

Help us prepare for the coming launch by trying to put a Cra’s Arrow to the knee of NOX! The WAKFU North American game server, that is…

Stress Test Weekend

To ensure that we can provide the best launch experience possible, we are organizing a Stress Test Weekend event which will begin tomorrow.

The main objective of the Stress Test is to verify the stability of the server at its limits. In order to reach this goal, it is important to have as many members of the community (and friends of members) log into the game at the same time.

Help us out by logging in and everyone who participates throughout the weekend will receive an exclusive item that will carry over through launch:

“Apprentice Cloak” (+2 Wisdom)

Cloaks will be distributed next week via the in-game Gift Interface based on event attendance.

Bonus: In-Game Treasure Hunts

At random times throughout the Stress Test Weekend, the Community team will be hosting several live in-game treasure hunt events!

Upon seeing the appropriate server-wide broadcast, meet the Square Enix Community team at the Astrub Tavern after retrieving the necessary items and the first fifteen players to successfully exchange will be handsomely rewarded with a finely-made “Prowler Hat” that can proudly worn through the remainder of Open Beta.

“Prowler Hat”

Just be certain not to take longer than thirty minutes to carry out the request!

Here is a map of the tavern for your convenience:

See you this weekend with your guild, friends, family…
even your enemies during this special event!