PlayStation 3 HDD's Getting More Room For Final Fantasy XI

24 Jan 2012

Sometime in February, the PlayStation 3 will undergo a system update that will increase the hard drive space necessary to run the PlayStation 2 version of FINAL FANTASY XI. This change will only affect the 60GB and 20GB models that are backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 games.

For those with the 20GB model, you’ll soon be out of luck as the space required for FFXI will jump from 12GB to 21GB. That’s a whopping 9GB increase in space! Square Enix encourages those with the 20GB model to either upgrade their HDD or look into using the Windows version of the game. It’s also worth noting that those playing FFXI on the PlayStation 2 will not be affected by this change.

As of now, this information has only been posted on the Japanese PlayOnline website (Corinth has translated the post for us, listed after the break). There’s also no immediate reason given for the sudden increase in hard drive space for the game. Could it be that Square Enix is looking into a PlayStation 3 version of the game instead of forcing players to run an older, non-HD client on their console? Could it be that there’s some content in the works that would simply go over the 12GB limit on the PS3? Is this the beginning of Square Enix phasing out support for the PlayStation 2? Is this even something worth making a big deal out of? We’ll find out sooner or later.

We have an important message for people who play the PlayStation 2 version of FFXI on PlayStation 3 models CECHA00 (60GB model) and CECHB00 (20GB model).

Thank you for continuing to play Final Fantasy XI.

After discussing things with Sony Computer Entertainment, it’s been decided that in order to continue operation of Final Fantasy XI, the hard disc requirements for the PlayStation 2 version will increase from the current 12GB to 21GB.

Sony Computer Entertainment plans on making this change to the PlayStation 3 system software with an update sometime after February 1st.  (Note from t/l: this could mean anytime after the 1st of the month, no real timeframe given)

Due to the change in hard disc space needed, people currently playing the PlayStation 2 version on the 20GB model of the PlayStation 3 (CECHB00) will no longer have the space necessary to play the game after the update.  We ask that players upgrade their PlayStation 3 hard drive or look into using the Windows version.

Questions about using PlayStation 3s should be directed to Sony Computer Entertainment.

The following link contains information on upgrading your PlayStation 3 hard drive.

People who play the PlayStation 2 version of the game on the PlayStation 2 will not be affected by this change.  Players using the PlayStation 3 may receive a message saying they need to increase their available hard disc space.  In the event that happens, players should increase their available hard disc space or look into upgrading their hard drive.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy Final Fantasy XI.