Help Land An Interview With Cid Garlond

“There are other live events besides “Lamb of Dalamud,” but how many and what they are, is a secret.”
-Naoki Yoshida

One such event has been brought to my attention today by our good moderator Urthdigger. Some of you may remember hearing about (or even seeing) GM controlled NPCs that were in fact, the reporters for the three newspapers in Eorzea: The Mythril Eye, The Raven, and The Harbor Herald. These same reporters have been recently seen in game as static NPCs that ask for your help in scoring an interview with the one and only Cid Garlond. But to agree to an interview, Cid demands Mole Loafs to help feed the starving children. Upon trading three pieces of Mole Meat to these NPCs you will acquire a “Magicked Prism” firework that is specific to that particular paper. Upon it’s use, the logo of that paper will spin above your characters head for a few seconds. You’ll also receive an addition to your Lodestone history for using them.

The good news is that these usable items can be traded! And you get twenty for your efforts! You can trade the leftovers to friends or trade them with another player to collect the whole set. If you don’t happen to have a friend with some prisms to spare, you can keep an eye out around the adventurers guilds in each city for these NPCs to lend a helping hand. After all, it’s for the children. Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Special thanks to Aya Hamada of Besaid for sparing a few prisms for the above image!