New Battle System: Legion

[dev1047] New Battle System: Legion

*The following content is in development. Specific details may differ from the release version.


Legion is a new battle system intended to challenge high-level adventurers in alliances of eighteen to thirty-six combatants. Legion will feature unique battlefields in which combatants will be pitted against legions of formidable high-level notorious monsters (HNMs). Slay as many foes as possible within the thirty-minute time limit to reap a host of exciting rewards!


  • Main job of level 75 or above
  • Three to thirty-six participants *On the test server, Legion battles may be conducted with only one or two participants.

Participating in Legion

  1. Speak to Saarlan in Sauromugue Champaign (E-6) and pay the participation fee of 360,000 gil to receive the “Legion tome page” key item.
    *Only one representative from your alliance need possess this key item.
  2. With the key item in your possession, speak to Mayuyu in the same area and choose your desired battlefield and capacity (eighteen or thirty-six combatants). After your selections are confirmed, you will receive a Legion pass.
    *As a single Legion pass can transport up to eighteen players, larger groups will receive two passes.
    *Legion passes will be valid for five minutes (Earth time) after issuance.
  3. Have your alliance leader trade the issued pass to the Legion Tome to enter the Legion entrance lobby.
    Make sure to configure your alliance as desired before trading the pass. Should any members be lower than level 75, your alliance will be refused entry.
    *For groups larger than eighteen, it will be necessary to trade the extra Legion pass to the leader of your second alliance or party.
    *On the test server, passes will be accepted from any party or alliance member.
  4. From the lobby, examine the Legion Portal or simply wait for the allotted time to elapse. You will be transported to the battlefield to commence the fight!

A total of three battlefields—the Halls of Skies, Earth, and Winds (names tentative)—have been implemented for the test server.

Spoils of War

  • Each HNM defeated will yield items and Legion points.
  • Items will be placed in a treasure pool to be lotted on by all participants.
  • Loot quality and Legion point rewards will increase the more foes you slay.
  • Legion points may be redeemed with Saarlan for a variety of rewards.
    *Legion point exchange will be implemented at a later date.

    *Equipment rewards currently implemented on the test server are placeholders and do not reflect the rewards that will be obtainable in the release version.