Q&A: Ask the Devs #4 Answers

The team is proud to present the answers to the fourth "Ask the Devs" Questions & Answers feature! We have the answers to your burning questions regarding everything WAKFU!

During the week of 12/8 – 12/15, we held the first portion of our fourth "Ask the Devs" community feature.

In respect to many major game changes that took place during the last few months, we selected ten questions which were graciously answered by:

"Azael, Game Designer"

1.   Question by Cinsa

Do you have any future plans for Haven Bags? Maybe more (interactive) furniture to make it seem like a home? (View Post)

Answer: The Haven Bag is an important and unique element that we are planning to progressively evolve. At game release, we hope to have a slew of items allowing players to customize the interior how they want – with almost as many choices as in an IKEA catalog (and we all know how big that is).

In the longer term, not only do we want to give the players the opportunity to create their dream home but also real stores, casinos, taverns, etc.

Currently, we are also working on making the Haven Gems more accessible from the very beginning (as apparent from the last patch). This will allow more people to discover all of the wonderful functionalities the Haven Bag has to offer.

2.   Question by Epicdark

I'd like to know if the rest of Icarnam will be added. (The Professions areas, like in V1/2/etc)? (View Post)

Answer: Incarnam will not be modified as it works well as a tutorial location. Instead, we are working on improving Astrub to facilitate some aspects, such as professions and particularities of each nation so that players can make a more informed decision.

As of Content Update 0.311, you will find two unique creatures types and in the center of Astrub, three new dungeons highlighting the three Astrub clans: Destiny, Respite and Trouble. Each clan has its own purpose and the player is able to discover them through these three dungeons! Other many surprises will be available at launch…

3.   Question by OminousFantasy

Are we ever going to see more character customization options, such as more hair/ clothing styles and colors? (View Post)

Answer: For now, no new core customization options will be made available. Although, instead, we are adding lots of new equipment pieces allowing the player to customize its character whether it be power customization or purely a cosmetic change. After all, armor will cover-up the base body so this works out in the long run.

A "badge" system will also allow users to change character appearance without modifying equipment (and its characteristics).

4.   Question by Miriamw1

Will you give Wakfu and stasis more meaning? The game is based around it, will there be more use for it? (View Post)

Answer: Yes! We are currently working on reinforcing the Wakfu/Stasis system. Our goal is to provide a system where the orientation of the player gives him some bonus and allows access to special places (which is already the case with the Wakfu and Stasis islands). In addition, some items may be only worn with a certain Wakfu or Stasis level.

5.   Question by Everfaust

Why does every class start with 3mp 6ap and 6wp?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to customize them to better suit their role? (View Post)

Answer: These three characteristics greatly influence class balancing which is one of the most important things in a tactical MMORPG like WAKFU. Players are able to increase them through Skill Points (obtained at each level) and through equipment pieces. To avoid destabilization, we prefer to have a common starting point that the players can modify as they wish.

 6.   Question by Xander-is-Kander

Will PvP, the guard and outlaw system, and griefing be worked on and how will it be changed? The North American server is very opinionated on this topic. (View Post)

Answer: Currently there are two types of PvP:

  • Internal to the nations: It's the "Outlaw" system. Anybody can enter in combat with an outlaw, if the challenger wins, the outlaw is sent to jail and the good citizen wins a Citizenship bonus.
  • External to the nations: These are the conquerable islands. The nations can mobilize to take possession of the islands. For this the Clan Member of the island must be defeated, but beware the members of the nation already in possession of the island can help the Clan Member.

We are planning on strengthening these systems and in the meanwtime, closely monitoring feedback and expectations of the community.

7.   Question by Rinnecat

Right now everyone seems convinced that HP is the way to go in terms of level-up points distribution, with the occasional dissenter saving up for an extra AP. What about the other options for point investment, will they be made more attractive, or will HP perhaps be made less attractive to ensure a greater array of useful options? (View Post)

Answer: Health Points are indeed a crucial element of the game, but we have added new characteristics that allow even more variation to builds such as Strength, Intelligence, Luck and Agility. These grant an increase in damage and elemental resistance. For example, Strength increase damage and Earth resistance.

Willpower is a characteristic that increases the chance to apply and withstand various states (ex: Stun state). Block gives more chances to decrease damage received (30%). Perception on the other hand allows one to pass stealth checks or reversely, detect a stealthily enemy.

At this time, the more the spells are diverse, the more you will gain attack power.

8.   Question by OminousFantasy

Will weapon proficiency (for example, if you use an axe a lot, you can get damage bonuses with axes) ever be used? (View Post)

Answer: This is an evolution that we are thinking of but unfortunately requires a lot of development. We have set it aside to focus on what we believe are more important at the moment (improvement of some of the class spells, especially), but will keep it in mind.

9.   Question by Johnwiddin

Do you have any intention of taking a look at the mobility of Iops? As it stands, an Iop is the most mobile class in the game with excessive jumps and elemental charges. The Jump spell as a whole has been nerfed down to a healthy level, but the elemental charge spells allow the Iop to keep constant contact with their opponent, while relying on Expert locker to keep them there. As it stands, an Iop easily outpaces an Enutrof.

I personally believe the problem relies in their elemental charge range. The spells are cool, I like them, but they give the Iop the power to hunt down faster targets. Let's look at numbers.

It's easy for a fire build Iop to get 5 mp through a Munster shovel, and 1 point into MP / AP, by level 90. Having upwards of 9 ap, an Iop can use jump twice, giving them 4 more effective MP. Then, the elemental charge is capable of closing the gap 3 more spaces. That's 12 effective movement points, and roughly 200+ lock. You're not going anywhere the moment they touch you. Thinking you can outrun them for 6 WP is unrealistic thinking.  (View Post)

Answer: It's indeed a subject that we are closely monitoring, and which will be revised and balanced in the upcoming weeks.

10.  Question by Cinsa

What roleplaying capabilities are you considering giving to players? I'm not sure if I mean that literally, but I'm saying are you considering anything special for outstanding heroes, villains, thieves, vigilantes and the like? Since Wakfu has no goal per say, I would very much like to see a focus on storytelling power given to the players. Not just concerning preservation of the dying world, but also each player's individual cultures and interactions and disputes, even regardless of their own nations… Like the series. (View Post)

Answer: The whole concept of WAKFU is based on the freedom that is given to the players: they can do whatever they want, and use the rich background of the World of Twelve to create their own events. Today, it is already possible to go to war against another nation, to become outlaw, to influence a nation by choosing the laws and challenges (ok, you must become a Governor to do that and that is a lot of work…). Also, who says that there won't be any new information soon on the ultimate WAKFU quest?

We are planning soon to integrate a more global challenge in order to refocus players’ goals, this in addition to an overall increase of the amount of achievements that revolve around the progression of WAKFU’s history.

In closing, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in this event and we hope to see you around the forums and in-game!

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