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From Garleans To Cultists

6 Jan 2012

The last several patches have contained content in the form of randomly timed battles involving the Garlean Empire. It was hinted that this type of content would continue with 1.20 and I had the chance to stumble upon it earlier today!

This content differs from previous encounters in a few ways. Firstly, the enemies that you face are not Garlean soldiers, but in fact, a cult of Dalamud worshipers who are kidnapping people for use in their sacrifices. The next change is convienent to players while also bringing in some very interesting lore. After abducting their  soon-to-be sacrifices, the cultists create an aetherial gate to make their escape!

As the brave adventurer willing to help any kind NPC in need, you’re able to enter the gate, which in my case teleported me to an area of the Copperbell Mines that I’ve never seen before. From here it’s the same deal as it has been, talk to an NPC to get started, kill the baddies that appear, then pop the chest at the end to get some deaspected crystals and a couple meds.

If you want to try and catch this battle with the Lunatic Followers keep an eye out for Alfgar in Ul’dah. He’ll direct you to the action.