An Important Announcement Concerning the Commencement of Billed Services

As previously announced, we will be bringing the extended free trial period to a close and introducing subscription-based billing to FINAL FANTASY XIV, commencing Friday, January 6, 2012.

Please note that if you have not selected a subscription plan, your service account will be temporarily suspended and the following services will become unavailable:

The Lodestone

Peruse the fee structure and learn about the subscription process.
* Review the article announcing the commencement of billing.

Along with the commencement of billed services, we ask that you take every precaution with password security.
View more information on Square Enix ID and password security measures.

Use of a Square Enix Security Token with a Square Enix account can greatly diminish the likelihood of an account being compromised. We strongly recommend using one in order to help secure all Square Enix accounts.
See more information about security tokens.