New Year Messages From The Development Team

The Dev Team has passed along some New Year messages for the Final Fantasy XI community! Each developer’s message carries a tone that they’ll be working hard in 2012 and they want to plan something for both the 25th Final Fantasy anniversary as well as the 10th anniversary of FFXI.

Oh, and Fujito-san mentions improvements and changes to software and hardware. That’s probably worth speculating on huh? More news on the PS Vita port? Mobile apps? Officially dropping the PlayStation 2? Who knows? But it looks like it should be a very interesting year for Final Fantasy XI.

Read the messages from Tanaka, Ito and Fujito after the break.

Hiromichi Tanaka

Happy New Year!

Along with the implementation of the Test Server and the relaunch of the Free Trial last year, it was also a year that was a turning point for large changes in the development team. Continuing this year, the development and operations team are highly inspired and will be adding a variety of content to expand the world of Vana’diel even more.

Also, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the FINAL FANTASY franchise and the 10th anniversary for FINAL FANTASY XI. We are currently drawing up plans to see if we can celebrate with you all in some way so I hope you’ll all look forward to it.

Mizuki Ito

Happy New Year!

Last year was a year that was a turning point for FFXI in which a lot of issues were posed through the forums.

This year makes the 10th anniversary of FFXI, so I would like to have many of these issues answered and at the same time offer a clear vision, provide new enjoyable content that is appropriate for the 10th anniversary.

Also, I would like to comment more on the forum moving forward to show the development team’s ideas. I hope you’ll all look forward to it.

I will be working my hardest this year to make sure that everyone’s love for FFXI is not betrayed.

Yoji Fujito

Happy New Year!
I guess since it’s a New Year, you want to hear about goals for the future, eh?

Along with the 10th anniversary, there will be a large amount of improvements and changes to both software and hardware. We intend to take the initiative and handle the issues that have not been resolved for a long time, new bugs that arise, and all the other things that we’ve been receiving comments about.

Along side this we are making a variety of preparations, so please forgive me if something slips my mind in the process.

We’ll continue working our hardest because of your continued support!