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Event: New Year Celebration

30 Dec 2011

Still free as an Albatrocious without a care in the world nor a work (or school) day in sight? Don’t have kick-awesome plans for the New Year? Well, even if you do, come gather with your community this weekend and welcome the New Year while saying "Toodles, Snoofle!" to the old.

Not only is merry-making and camaraderie encouraged through the use (and abuse) of Brakmar Root Beer, but no party is complete without party-poppers! As of today, log into the game and the Twelve Gods will provide party favors to all. Just be sure to check your Gift Interface. Now whether you save your Fairyworks for the 31st of Descendre is another question…



The New Year's Eve Firework Giveaway Event begins December 30th, 2011, and ends January 4th, 2012.