WAKFU: Open Beta Letter

Square Enix and Ankama are excited to announce that WAKFU will be in Open Beta in just a few short days! To celebrate the big event, we will also be releasing Content Update 0.311.

When does it happen and what does all of this fantastic-sounding news means to you? Find the complete details below.

On January 4th, 2012, WAKFU will transition into our Open Beta test phase. At that time, Closed Beta keys will no longer be required and all you’ll need to try the game is a free Ankama Account in good standing (PC and internet connection notwithstanding).

Furthermore, Content Update 0.311 will also be deployed at this time. Some of the changes you can look forward to include:

  • The Srams Shadow character class (we’ve released a Dev Blog for your reading pleasure)
  • The completion of the nation of Brakmar
  • The completion of the nation of Sufokia
  • Enhancements to the beginning nation of Astrub
  • An achievement tracking tool
  • And much, much more

Since we are dedicated to providing you with the most positive experience possible, some additional changes will also take place, such as:

  • In order to ensure a proper character advancement curve, economy sustainability, and other balancing objectives, old data must be purged and therefore a complete server database wipe will be handled. Contest and promotional items will persist through these wipes; we are looking into ways of keeping holiday event-related items.

  • In preparation of a major overhaul, the Ecaflip class will be temporarily removed from the game. Fear not faithful gamblers, for this class will return shortly.

  • In preparation of a major overhaul, the Rogue class will be removed from the game. Keeping in mind both time and the resources required to create a balanced playing field, we will be focusing on balancing the main twelve classes and will introduce the new Rogue and its rival, the Masqueraider, shortly after launch of the game in February 2012.

With an assortment of exciting game changes on the horizon, you can also look forward to many fun and rewarding community events as well (does anyone like squashing things?). This will be a great (and crucial) time for us all and we appreciate your assistance, patience, and loyalty as we not only approach Open Beta but full Launch in February 2012. As always, your feedback is welcomed on our forums, too, so don’t shy away!

Thank you for your time and see you in Open Beta!