Event: 6,666 Facebook Likes

Thanks to everyone, we’ve reached our milestone of 6,666 Likes on our Official WAKFU Facebook Page! To celebrate, nothing better comes to mind than to commemorate this achievement with…


In order to get a special set of fairyworks for all of your characters, go to the
Official WAKFU Facebook Page to discover the exclusive event code and
redeem it on the code.ankama.com website.

The first 6,666 fans will be able to unlock the code, so get going and ignite the skies of the World of Twelve!

Now, let's get out there and hit 7,777 Likes!

Promotional code may only be used once per account. Once redeemed, the promotional fairywork set can be obtained once on every character of the redeemed account.
Code and associated redemption expires January 4th, 2012.