Event: “Name Your Server” Poll Now Open

Players unite! The second phase of the “Name Your Server” event has begun! It’s all up to you now to decide who wins and thusly affect the outcome of the North American game server forever.


Affect the course of WAKFU history! In this once-in-a-lifetime server-wide contest, YOU will decide the name of the first live North American game server! All that’s left to do is vote for your favorite name!

Missed Phase 1? Find details here.


Visit our Community Poll to cast your entry and decide the name of the server.

The poll will be available beginning December 9, 2011 and will last until December 13, 2011. Furthermore, to ensure a level of fairness, only one vote per Ankama Account and IP address will be registered by the system.

All votes must be received by December 13, 2011 at 11:59 PST.

Enough with the details. We now present an overview of the top 5 entries:



The name itself means horn.

Nella is to be the reason for the Osamodas great transformation from the Dofus Era.
The pass thousands of years when Ogrest chaos brought about the shift of the new era known as Wakfu; this brave Osamoda was the first to take action against the chaos. Nella’s strong will, and persistence came about when the shrieking cries of beasts in need brought tears to her eyes as she fought against waves and waves of brooding waters to rescue them.

Ogrest chaos made her realize how much more she yearned to be closer to the beasts of the World of Twelve. She strived to confront Ogrest as she called upon the great god Osamoda every night hoping her prayers would be answered. One night Nella received a vision telling her of a pilgrimage she had to take that would bind her closer to the creatures she had so much compassion for.

Through rumbling rubbles, bellowing fires, and rolling storms, Nella pushed forward and made it to the shingling light of her destination at last. It was there she was bestowed a gift from one of Osamoda’s three dragons, a gift that surged through her veins and changed her Osa roots forever. Word spread of Nella’s pilgrimage and not long countless of Osamoda’s soon followed suit, the history of Osas was transformed from then on.

Nella now searches for a doll that she believes can mend the chaos brought about by Ogrest so that she can confront him and bring about peace to the World of Twelve.  

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Minuit was born at midnight on a day said to be 60 years after Ogrest wept. He was the son of Senux and Lia. He lived in a large and prosperous village of Xelors who made some of the finest clocks in the entire World of Twelve.

While the village was known for its clock makers and tinkers it was more famously known for its Wall of Time. The Wall of Time was created to stop Ogrests tears from flooding the city. The Wall was made of a thin layer of glass and was built from the wakfu of the great Xelors who put all of their magic into them. They were a great pride for they were of the few villages that survived the flood. Minuit grew up admiring the Xelors who made it, but was always teased for never being able to accomplish what they did.

Minuit had no friends so he never had reason or motivation but believed his own dreams. For Minuit had a curse on him that was believed to have been placed on him by God Xelor himself the day he was born. The curse while making him very powerful also made it so that he could not control this power or so the villagers believed. Many of the kind hearted would attempt to make friends with Minuit but would find themselves frozen in time for weeks, because of this it was assumed that he could not be trained. Minuit was soon kept from entering school and often it was even rumored his parents were afraid of him. His mother often told him that his curse was a gift and blamed the village for not training him to use it better, but Minuit did not believe her. His dreams always died more quickly than they came.

One day it was announced to the village that the Wall of Time was failing and that any Xelors powerful enough to help should. After a few days it was apparent that the Xelors of the village had grown lazy and as such had not increased their power enough to rebuild the wall. Days went by and many people began to panic as the wall became weaker and weaker. Soon with little time to spare Minuit's mother, Lia, took him to the Walls gates to leave despite all of the work and effort they had put into making a home here. It was said that he began to glow with a confidence. He ran to the center of the city to the highest clock tower standing on the highest point of it.

No one remembers what happened next but that the walls started to collapse the Tears rushing in. As people screamed there was only one that could be heard over the rest but it wasn't of fear, but of exertion. That was it people say they don't know what happened between then and the time they woke up but all they knew was that the Flood of Tears was frozen as if time had stopped running around them. To this day the Tears are frozen and while Minuit’s power was dramatically reduced he continued his adventures, became one of the most powerful Xelors, and even made some new friends. He will always be remembered for his bravery and actions against all odds and a childhood of oppression.

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A normal man born to a normal family of tailors in Amakna need normally never leave his mark on the world. His name would never be known. His deeds never sung of. He would never know the depths of his own willpower, compassion, resolve. He would have grown up with tales of Captain Amakna, the pursuit of truth and justice. A normal man would have wanted to go out adventuring but would fall just short, would always miss his chance at destiny by a hair's breadth.

There was a man like that once, his name is forgotten, but this is his story nonetheless. For with Ogrest's Chaos a normal man may be thrust into an abnormal situation. He may find himself face to face with a shushu gauntlet who would offer him his only chance for survival. A normal man who wants to survive might take that offer, not knowing the cost would eventually be his life.

The pain would have been excruciating as the teeth of the shushu bit into a man's hand, drinking his blood, tearing at his muscles, grinding his bones bit by bit. His suffering would have been legendary as he was consumed not even in centimeter lengths each day but encroaching pain. His screams would have been unending, his heart would threaten to beat its way from his chest. He would have to try very, very hard to find the strength to keep living. He would find it, a burning force deep in his chest, though it would avail him naught.

Until a voice whispered to him.
If you believe, suffering can be your strength.
If you trust, pain can be pleasure.
If you take heart, driven by will you can become a wonder.

It would have been then that the goddess Sacrier would have taken a normal man into her wings. It would have been then that he would stand transformed. He would then have the power to fight for the ideals he believed in, and the need to do it soon. Because the Shushu would not stop eating him, and eventually it would come to his head or his heart soon enough. So a normal man would become a very abnormal hero, cast aside his old name and take a new one, Zenith, for he would be set to blaze as the noon-day sun for as long as his life was left. But marked with demon taint and possessed of a berzerker spirit he would know it would be dangerous to operate out in the open, or to stay in one place very long. So he would move from place to place ahead of the gathering storm of chaos. He would know the depths of his compassion, willpower, and resolve. Maybe his name would never be known. Maybe his deeds would never be sung. But he would leave his mark indelibly on the world, shining with hope in the face of despair and death, to the very eye of Rushu to spit in it with his dying breath and the vanishing of his soul to the shushu that consumes him.

Thus would be told the tale, were such a man to exist, of a hero for this time of Ogrest's Chaos, The Dying Hand of Fate, Zenith.

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Detris was an Iopette warrior born in the Age of Dofus whose only mission in life was to best every challenge and battle any formidable thing she came across. Her goal and her life came to an abrupt end when she attempted to defeat a Great Coralator by attacking it head on like an idiot. A thousand years later, when the Age of Wakfu began, she managed to throw herself out of Heaven and into the Incarnam stream because she, in her words, "wanted a do-over". She travels the world even now, still attempting to accomplish her ridiculous mandate.

She made her mark in every corner of the world of Twelve, but many consider her most famous accomplishment to be her completely successful theft of 7,945 kamas worth of the Smisse family spoils from the Rogue HQ, which she was supposedly hunted for until the end of her life. She claimed to have not even known where she was or that she was stealing, which wouldn't be very believable if she weren't obviously an Iop.

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His father was an Iop and his mother an Eniripsa. Upon his birth he had both Iop like and Eniripsa like features however his Eniripsa traits remained dominant as he grew wings and took up his mothers craft of creating potions, upon his 16th birthday his parents died in the war against Nox at the great Sadida Kingdom. Alone and orphan he was shunned from his society, he never knew his other relatives because they never supported the marriage of his parents. He tried to cope with his loss by practicing his crafts of Eniripsa healing, and a little sword craft using his father’s blade..He made a small living as the people in his town always needed medical supplies.

A few years passed and the young Zent grew, never forgetting the sacrifice his parents made he always practiced what they taught him and tried to learn more. However on his 21st birthday catastrophe once again struck. Ogress chaos was coming and his town fields were rotting. Everyone he knew and tried helping him make it though the rough times was dyeing and becoming ill. Soon his potions and remedies that he held so dear, his loving memory of his mother no longer aided him and the townspeople began to worsen. Overcome with sadness and anguished he turned his head to the sky and cried out. "Oh goddess Eniripsa what must i do. My friends are dyeing and my parents lost. My medical skills prove unworthy of such a plague that has befallen our village".

Upon saying this he departed in search of a cure to save his beloved town. He held nothing but his father’s sword in hand and supplies on his back for a journey. Upon leaving the village the sky darkened and Zent believed it was yet another stasis educed storm, the same that’s been ailing his town and caused the crops to die. Un caring of the dangers of the storm he continued walking. He heard a crackling sound then a large bang next to his ear. The sound almost deafen him, he turned to see what it was, a hole shining blue. He poked at it with his father’s sword and as a chain reaction his sword surged blue and changed color. The blue rushed up his arm and into his muscles and he began to feel stronger faster more powerful. His wings grew three times the size and his arms grew bigger this was no stasis storm at all he thought. It was a rare storm of pure wakfu and down fell a crystallized rock of wakfu. The power it bestowed him is that equivalent to a million Iops, pure wakfu the life source of everything!!. This was it this was the answer the goddess had left for him; with this power he could stop ogress chaos.

Zent returned to his ailing village he used his power and infused everything and everybody with wakfu. The stress on him was detrimental. His life force slowly slipped out of his body and it grew weaker and frailer. His hair whitened and his feathers grayed but his village returned to life. Once the feat was done his townspeople were revived saved, but zent was not. The power source of wakfu was not enough so he had to use his own life energy to finish the task, he told the people as they encircled him with tears. "Live and prosper, for stasis will never harm this land again." Zent died but the townspeople erected a memorial in his honor. A simple statue of a man working and smiling with his flasks.

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A Xelor with twisted and obsessive motives, Nox (short for Noximilien) constantly pursuing sources of Wakfu to absorb. He needs a large amount of Wakfu to control an item known as the Eliacube, which in his insanity, he believes is alive, and that it speaks to him.

Nox is also the name of the current North American Beta Test server.

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