Bastion Getting “Stranger’s Dream” DLC Next Week

When asked about the possibility of downloadable content for Bastion, Supergiant games said that they designed Bastion to be a complete package at release and had no plans to extend the story through DLC.

After the game was released however, they decided to put something together for the holidays. That something is the Stranger’s Dream DLC that will be released on December 14th. Completely free of charge… for PC users. Microsoft doesn’t like people to have things for free so for any Xbox 360 owners, the new content will cost them a dollar.

The Stranger’s Dream DLC includes a new, fully narrated “Who Knows Where” sequence, a score attack mode and a no-sweat mode that will give players unlimited chances to get back up if you’re defeated so that you can enjoy the wonderful story that Bastion has to offer.

And for those of you that have yet to check out this title, make sure to read our review!