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[dev1081] Achievements

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* This feature, planned for patch 1.20, is still in development, and therefore subject to change.

  • Achievements will be introduced in patch 1.20. Achievements can be earned by fulfilling specific conditions. Certain achievements grant the player rewards such as titles and items.
    * Achievements, titles, and items will be added on an ongoing basis.
    * Achievements are separate from History, the latter of which will continue to exist.
    ≪Viewing Achievements≫
    The Achievements interface will be added to the main menu, and will provide information such as achievement conditions and progress.
    Similarly, the category Achievements will be added under History on the Lodestone, and will contain the same information.

    ≪Achievement Lists≫
    At first, only the names of achievement categories will be visible. Each category must be unlocked by speaking to the corresponding NPC, after which you will be able to view the details of individual achievements under that category.



    You will receive a notification when an achievement has been earned.

    ≪Achievement Categories≫
    The following achievement categories will be introduced in patch 1.20.

    • Battle
      Meritorious deeds related to combat such as defeating notorious monsters and primals. Example:
      • Defeat 100 enemies total.
      • Defeat Ifrit in the Bowl of Embers (Hard).
    • Character
      Meritorious deeds related to character development such as class level. Example:
      • Achieve gladiator level 10.
      • Achieve miner level 20.
    • Items
      Meritorious deeds related to items and gear.
      • Obtain all pieces of gear belonging to a set. (E.g. a templar’s chain coif, a templar’s haubergeon, a pair of templar’s sollerets, and a set of templar’s tassets.)
    • Seasonal Events
      Meritorious deeds related to seasonal events.
      * Applies only to seasonal events held after the release of patch 1.20.
    • Dungeons
      Meritorious deeds related to dungeons. Example:
      • Defeat Antares in the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak.
    • Exploration
      Meritorious deeds related to exploration such as traveling to aetheryte crystals. Example:
      • Attune with all 19 aetheryte crystals and aetherial gates in La Noscea.
    • Materia
      Meritorious deeds related to materia. Example:
      • Successfully affix 10 materia.
      • Successfully reduce 10 spiritbound items to materia.
    • Synthesis
      Meritorious deeds related to synthesis. Example:
      • Craft 50 items requiring level 1-10 woodworking recipes.
      • Craft 300 items requiring level 11-20 smithing recipes.
    • Gathering
      Meritorious deeds related to gathering. Example:
      • Mine 20 times at grade 1 mineral deposits in La Noscea.
      • Mine 300 times at grade 2 mineral deposits in Thanalan.
    • Quests
      Meritorious deeds related to quests. Example:
      • Complete the main scenario quest “Never the Twain Shall Meet.”
      • Complete 10 regional levequests.

    * The following achievement categories will be introduced after patch 1.20:

    • Currencies
      Meritorious deeds related to gil and other in-game currencies. Example:
      • Earn a cumulative total of 1,000 gil from levequests.
      • Earn a cumulative total of 1,000 gil from defeating enemies.
    • Grand Companies
      Meritorious deeds related to the Grand Companies of Eorzea. Example:
      • Earn 1,000 Storm Seals.
      • Complete 10 company levequests for the Order of the Twin Adder.

    ≪Achievement Rewards≫
    The following two types of rewards exist for earning achievements:

    • Titles
      Certain achievements bestow titles upon players. Titles are displayed under Attributes, and players can choose the one they wish to be displayed, or none at all. Other players’ titles can be viewed on their profile screens. Example:
      • Provider of the Realm: Achieve level 50 as a miner, botanist, and a fisher.
      • The Assimilator: Convert 1,000 items into materia.
        * Titles will appear with display names in FINAL FANTASY XIV Version 2.0.
    • Items
      Certain achievements (or combinations thereof) reward players with commemorative items. Example:
      • Butcher’s Crown: Defeat 100,000 enemies total.
      • Pick of the Luminary: Earn the achievement “A Miner’s Life for Me” for all three regions.

    ≪Achievement Points≫
    Each achievement earns you achievement points. These points serve as an indicator of your overall progress, and cannot be exchanged for items.

    ≪Features in Development≫

    1. Progress Indicator
      A progress indicator for individual achievements (as a percentage or fraction) is planned for after patch 1.20a.
    2. Travel Log for Exploration Achievements
      A feature whereby players can review their locations visited is planned for after patch 1.20a.
    3. Additional Achievements
      New achievements will be added on an ongoing basis.
      * Players will not yet be able to view each other’s achievement information. Come Version 2.0, it will be possible to examine another character’s achievements via the check command.

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