Take Part in the Moogle’s Law Contest!

We’re pleased to announce the first-ever Moogle’s Law Contest! Throughout the years, we’re sure adventurers all around Vana’diel have experienced certain “phenomena” that just seem to happen at the worst possible times. Think of the times when sneak and invisible start to wear off at exactly the wrong moment… Or when you’re about to make a clean pull in Dynamis and a statue happens to cross your path…

To enter, all you need to do is come up with your own example of a “Moogle’s Law”-type of scenario and post it on the forums! The Community Team will select three winners and award them with the coveted Nomad Moogle Statue in-game item, as well as the prestige of tweeting their “laws” from the official FINAL FANTASY XI Twitter account.

Warp over to the forums to submit your entry!
Be sure to read up on all the contest rules by clicking here.