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FFXIV Patch 1.20 Landing on December 14th

6 Dec 2011

In this latest post from Naoki Yoshida, he states that unless any critical bugs arise, the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV will be released on December 14th!

Hello! This is Producer/Director Yoshida. Naoki_Yoshida's Avatar

We have pretty much solidified the date for the release of patch 1.20 for 12/14, but we are still continuing to make final adjustments and stamp out bugs, and I think we should be able to finalize this around tomorrow night. (As long as no critically huge bugs pop up.) Please wait just a bit longer for us to announce a firm date.

In regards to the billing announcement, since the US and Europe have legal time frames to keep in consideration, I’m afraid this had to be done around the patch notes release.

Also, in regards to retainers, for 2.0 the system will change and we intend to make it so it will not be the character that is given the retainer, but the user’s account itself. (Purchased retainers will be usable with any character under the account. Item transfer is a separate problem though.)

Due to the fact that a lot of confusion could arise if we started to charge for retainers now, we decided to hold off on charging for retainers for the moment.