Event: Name Your Server Newsflash!

Meow~ Hello and salutations. Sokay, here with a reminder that there's only one day remaining to submit your entries for the great Name Your Server contest!



Hello, disciple! Sokay, here. Long time no see! Today is Tuesday and we’re nearing the end of the submission period for WAKFU’s Name Your Server contest.

You have until 11:59 PM Pacific, precisely, to submit your suggestions for a server name and to participate in this unique event! You have the power to affect the course of your game world! Ahem… *clear’s throat from a dramatic voice*

Plus, you may also stand a chance at winning a free month of premium subscription. Larry, this deal can’t be beat!

Again, that’s approximately 24 hours remaining to submit your server name entry at
[email protected]


Looking to join in on the fun but don’t know what’s required? It’s easy. Just fill in the following information, or click this link to make it simple:

  • A namethe name of a hero. Consisting of one word and void of any special characters, this name will have to be universal enough to fit the North American community (and therefore not be offensive to any particular culture or peoples). Furthermore, it cannot contain more than 15 characters (*Forum rulesapply here as well).
  • A storythe biography, or background, for your hero. Deeply connected to the known and existing WAKFU legends, this character must be able to believably fit within the (Ankama) Krosmos.
  • A visual an appearance. What does the hero look like? Show us! For this section, your entry may consist of draft, a drawing, an illustration or even a picture — as long as it's appropriate AND original (must be created for the purpose of this event; no copyright of others' work, please).

What happens if you get an even BETTER idea after you submit your entry? Don't sweat — multiple entries are fully accepted (and encouraged)! Full rules can be found here.


Now get out there and shake your tail feathers! Yum, tail features.