All Roads Lead to Amakna

Think you have a particular knack for naming popular roads? Bummed that the likes of Sunset Boulevard, Reform Promenade, and Yonge Street were already named long before you came along? Well, don't be broken-hearted! There are still streets, avenues and whathaveyous that wait to be named: the streets of Amakna!

As we all know, street names have often been used to illicit a sense of instant recognition of a nation's particular "image" (Hollywood Boulevard, anyone?). But today, the highest authorities of Amakna have determined that it was unjust if their own citizens were left without a legacy of their own – therefore it’s time to remedy this and choose your Amaknian streets!


Georgiana Marnidominates Traff Algar Square, a realm of luxury, and quite the ideal place to equip oneself with the latest armor, jewelry, and accessories. You can always count on the beautiful Georgiana to be spearheading trends from atop her stunning stage.


Waiting 236 years, 2 months, 15 days, 5 hours and counting for a sword to be constructed, Bakander of Swords Crossing is a short man on a short fuse. Of course, anyone holding out on an artisan more than a century has the right to complain! Alas, just don’t tell him to “keep your pants on,” for he may just loose those, too, just like his shirt!


A wiz with wheat grain, Shosanne takes front and center in this case! Famous for her delicious [bread] buns and sworn enemy ofXav the Baker, this young yet determined lass isn’t afraid to take charge and micro-manage her team of servers on Crusty Road.



The principle is simple: while considering the reputation of the respective Clan Member and Amakna as whole, a food and farming country, you can submit name suggestions for streets, avenues, and whathaveyous for what will form byways of the three Merchant Bridges.

The Rules:

  • While you may submit three name suggestions, one for each bridge, per one entry, only one entry is permitted per person.
  • Each entry must be sent by email to [email protected] with a subject line of "All Roads Lead to Amakna" before December 12th, 11:59 PM PST.
  • In addition to your proposals, the email must also contain your Ankama Account nickname (your forum handle, not your confidential login ID).
  • Winners will be selected by the WAKFU game staff from the pool based on originality and theme.

For your convenience, please feel free to use the following template:

My suggestions for the event “All Roads Lead to Amakna” are as follows:

  • Ankama Account nickname:
  • Traff Algar Square:
  • Swords Crossing:
  • Crusty Road:


Upon completion of the event, the winning choices will be implemented into WAKFU in addition to receiving an exclusive in-game title “Urban Planner”. The winners will therefore receive an exclusive life-long opportunity of bragging rights of their silver-tongued mastery of words and puns.