Dev Blog: Gameplay for Osamodas Whip

We have great news for you all: the highly anticipated Osamodas’ Whip character class is set to debut within the next game update! Coming November 23rd, have a peek at what these beast masters have in store for the World of Twelve.

The Osamodas’ Whip is truly a reflection of their god: lovers of anything with four legs (and sometimes two!). And with the assistance of their faithful companion, the Gobgob, they carry with them a real menagerie, leading with a whip and touting, “Catch them all!”

Gobgob Mechanics

The Gobgob is a creature created by the god Osamoda for the exclusive use of his disciples; do not trust their appearances, as in this frail and small body lies draconic blood!

Having the capacity to steal the soul of most creatures of the World of Twelve – those under the jurisdiction of Osamoda himself – upon death of the poor animal, the Osamodas’ Whip may then summon it in combat. If the summoned creatures (summon) are killed in battle, they are gone forever and pass on to Xyts, not back to the Gobgob. Furthermore, the Gobgob cannot devour the souls of creatures whose levels exceed that of its master.

The Gobgob has both spells of its own, based on the Water element, and an entity level (from 1 to 200); the level depends on the levels of the invocations indulged upon during combat, in addition to characteristics independent of those of its Osamoda master.

And with the best for last, the small companion has one final trick of his sleeve: combining with his master, the Gobgob’s blood will infuse with the Osamoda resulting in a dragonic form (summons will be unavailable upon such rituals, however).

The Air Branch

The Air branch is all about freedom, allowing the Osamodas’ Whip to attack without either a line-of-sight and without being bothered by his own summons. Moreover, these spells become more powerful when the Osa is in dragonic form.

  • Crobak: Crobak is a minor spell which is easy to cast and which can reach targets without a line of sight. Handy for hurting enemies from a safe hiding-place.
  • Scaraleaf Wing: Scaraleaf Wing is quite a light spell, but it has one great advantage: it costs Movement Points instead of Action Points. Great for finishing off enemies!
  • Whip: The Osamodas inflicts minor Air damage with his whip. Ouch!
  • Bwork Trump: The target of Bwork Trump is turned to face the same direction as the Osamodas, and also suffers damage. He was asking for it!
  • Feather Tornado: The Osamodas summons a powerful Feather Tornado, which hurts and pushes back anything it finds in its path!

The Fire Branch

The Fire branch allows the Osamodas to specialize in imitating various beastly cries which increase his summons aptitude, at the detriment of his own.

  • Magpie: This spell allows the Osamodas to heal a summons with his own Health Points. Cast on an enemy, it does Fire-type damage!
  • Mooing: The Osamodas starts to moo in order to inflict Fire-type damage on his enemies, or to increase his summons’ resistances.
  • Croak: The Osamodas croaks to increase his summons’ Movement Points. At the same time, his enemies suffer Fire-type damage.
  • Boohowl: Boohowl motivates summons and increases their damage! Unfortunately the Osamodas’ own damage is reduced… On enemy targets, this spell causes heavy Fire-type damage.
  • Gobbalrog Chomp: The Osamoda does a Gobbalrog Chomp to transfer some of his Lock and Dodge abilities to his invocations. His enemies suffer from light Fire damage.

The Earth Branch

A strike branch, Earth allows the Osamoda to give orders to his minions but each last only one tour and therefore not cumulative.

  • Skedaddle: This spell inflicts damage on enemies. It also allows the Hightail order to be applied to a summon, which will receive increased Dodge and will try to keep away from the enemy whilst attacking.
  • Collision: The Osamodas uses Collision to inflict damage or to give the Aggressive order to a summon, which will gain Lock and try to maintain contact whilst attacking.
  • Savage Anger: Inflicts a lot of damage or applies the Frenzy order to targeted summons. Frenzied summons have increased damage and higher Action Points, but will die at the end of the turn.
  • Curve: Inflicts hefty Earth-type damage or gives a summon the Provocative order, which makes it provoke enemy attacks and gain resistance.
  • Crackler Punch: This spell can inflict impressive Earth-type damage, or apply the Remote order to a summon, which will cast K’Mir on its target, lower its resistances and drag it away.

Osamodas Specialties

Active Specialties

  • Gobgob: Cast on an empty cell, the spell summons the Gobgob. Cast on a creature, the spell allows capturing the creature upon its death. The level of the Gobgob specialty determines the number of slots available in it (1 by default). One slot is used per type of creature. The Osamoda is then able to stock up a level 0 Gobgob with one or several souls of one type of creature.
  • Gobup: The Osamodas releases a creature’s soul from his Gobgob to use it in battle. Gobbed up creatures benefit from a damage bonus for their first turn!
  • Possession: With Possession, the Osamodas can take control of one of his summons and give it his own characteristics. During this time, his body will remain motionless. Just like astral projection!
  • Gobball Steak: Summons a steak that is used to feed the Gobgob.
  • Symbiosa: The Osamodas is so close to his Gobgob that he can even fuse with it. This makes Dragon’s Blood flow through his veins, making him considerably more powerful!

Passive Specialties

  • Animal Blessing: It allows the Osamodas to increase its Leadership, and thus the maximum number of summons in play. It also increases Lock for its Gobgob and summons!
  • Garde Bestiale: The Osamoda’s summons have the chance to become Furious and start attacking any targets which do their master harm.
  • Prespic Hair: When creatures summoned by the Osamodas are attacked, they’re able to reflect part of the damage done back to their aggressors! An eye for an eye…
  • Animal Link: The link between an Osamodas and his summons are so strong that if one of them dies, part of its health is transferred to its master.
  • Phoenix Spirit: The Osamodas imbues his summons with Phoenix Spirit, which grants them a chance of being reborn from the ashes when they die!

“Now… go catch them all!”