Newsletter #51: From The Desk Of The Community Team

Happy Anniversary! Some of you may be asking what anniversary I am so happy about. Though I am a couple days (okay, a couple weeks) off, October 28 marked the eighth year since FINAL FANTASY XI was officially released in North America. To celebrate a bit, we created a thread on the forums posting our memories and some pictures, and asked to hear your memories. How many of you have actually been playing since day one? I know for a fact that there is certainly a large number of true, dedicated veterans out there continuing to adventure around Vana’diel. It’s amazing how much the game has changed since then, and just as amazing where it is heading as we approach the official ten-year anniversary!

Community-wise there is a lot goin’ on. ZAM just put a close to their annual pumpkin carving contest and as always, the entries were stunning! Big congratulations to all winners and artists who took their time to carve out a masterpiece! The Community Team once tried to carve pumpkins at that skill level, but we won’t talk about what happened. Perhaps one day in the future we can reveal the dark secrets of that disappointing day.

Jumping on the 11/11/11 celebration, Gamer Escape launched a contest as well, asking players to submit their favorite memories of FINAL FANTASY XI. Eleven players’ memories were chosen at random and awarded prizes. In the long history of FINAL FANTASY XI, there is surely a vast ocean of wonderful memories that will live forever in the hearts of players across the globe. It’s an amazing feeling to see how FINAL FANTASY XI brought together so many people. Congratulations to the winners of this contest as well!

Game-wise, we just revealed our 2011 roadmap which shows the direction of FINAL FANTASY XI from now until March 2012. There is a lot of content incoming and the best part is that you will be able to test out each and every bit on the test server as we continue to implement this content on a more frequent basis! Look forward to the year to come, because it’s going to be a grand celebration!

See you in Vana’diel!