Event: Brakmar Limerick Contest Results

Results of the Brakmar Limerick Contest, celebrating our community milestone of 5,555 Likes on the Official WAKFU Facebook Page, are here! After an exhaustive study of all the great entries submitted, the time has come to announce the winners! Drumroll please

The WAKFU Brakmar Limerick Contest was created to celebrate reaching our community milestone of 5,555 Likes on the Official WAKFU Facebook Page, by telling the tale of life as a Brakmarian citizen in a form of a modified limerick poem.

The contestants were given freedom as far as the execution of their art with only two main requirements:

The modified “limerick” shall be written using a link to Brakmarian life in addition to your best rhyme meter and sense of creativity and humour.

Entries will need to be 5 lines in the following pattern: Line 1, 2 and 5 must rhyme together and line 3 and 4 must rhyme together.

Each entry was carefully considered and judged by a committee of WAKFU staff members who based their critiques on Brakmarian limerick skills, comedic quality, flow and extra consideration going to originality and creativity.

We are thrilled to say that we received many creative entries that went above and beyond the call of duty, and therefore we are very pleased to be able to recognize the talent of our community!

We would also like to thank all of you for participating in such a fun an expressive way to celebrate the debut of Brakmar and our community milestone on Facebook.

Before announcing the winners, let’s remind us of the treasures that await the winners of this contest:

The winners will receive…

Grand Prize Winner (1x)

  • Nox DX WAKFU action figure, proudly representing the North American server name and Xelor class
  • High quality WAKFU mousepad
  • WAKFU keyart poster signed by the development team complete with unique signatures and drawings
  • 2 Closed Beta Keys giving access to WAKFU
  • 1 Exclusive Convention Code giving access to a very unique in-game item

Honorable Mentions (10x)

  • 1 Closed Beta Key giving access to WAKFU
  • 1 Exclusive Convention Code giving access to a very unique in-game item

And now without any further ado, the winners are…


“The nightlife of Brakmar is lively.
But the Enutrof here sure are slimy!
On the streets I did linger,
As my purse grazed their fingers,
The loss of my kamas untimely!”

By XslaynX


“A young Iop once made venture to Brakmar
His journey was long and far,
When he arrived he was taken aback,
By a stunning young lady with quite a nice rack,
The next morn his wallet greeted him with one hell of a scar.”

By Thewallcrusher

“Hear ye, mesdemoiselles, come one come all!
If you wish to catch Brakmar’s ritual brawl,
Rejoice, I have the perfect solution.
A tonic of manhood in this potion!
But most of all, you must not say “boufball.”

By Maether

“I’m sitting in prison behind bars,
Got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.
I need a key,
So I can go out and thieve,
from the lava-filled land of Brakmar.”

By irongolemus

“Brakmar, the land of knaves.
Rose up from Sulphurous graves.
A thousand hard workers,
That sweat off their whiskers,
While Stumpy Jack taxes and craves.”

By Quotation

“Our nation of iron and ash.
The ore here means serious cash.
There’s nowhere finer,
To become a great miner,
Too bad our repute is still trash!”

By unmonstre

“In Brakmar the monsters are tough,
But the fighters are even more rough.
Bontarians dread,
And Amaknans have fled,
When they feel Brakmar’s heat, it’s enough!”

By Xedopu

“There once was a man in Brakmar,
He would adventure near and far,
Into trouble he was brought,
At Bonta field he was caught,
His head now resides in the bar.”

By ForgottenRequiem

“When in brakmar beware,
For many a magma flare,
Would fry the listless souls,
That wander o’er these barren knolls,
Trapped forever in brakmar’s snare.”

By breadmaster

“In the land of molten heat,
Ecas lead the same old beat,
With cards and vice,
And gambling dice,
Brakmar their desires will meet.”

By MakoSeraph


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