FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server Update

Today, various updates and adjustments have been implemented on the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server. Further adjustments have been made to the job system and a new daily reward system has been introduced. Also, players will be able to raise combat and magic skills in the Walk of Echoes.

And that’s only the beginning! Adjustments have also been made to Voidwatch, and Conquest Points will now be accepted as a fee for the Outpost Teleport service. And to make your test server experience even more convenient, special NPCs in the Mog House will now give you additional seals, medicine and food!

We would also like to note that wide-ranging revisions have been made to Puppetmaster automatons and their attachments, so we encourage you to give these a thorough testing and send us your feedback!

Proceed on to peruse the test details.
Read on to find out how you can access the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server!

Check out details of all the additions after the break!

[dev1035] Job Adjustments

  • Puppetmaster
    • Attachment-related
      • Maximum effect values for the following attachments will now be increased in proportion to the number of active maneuvers:
        Strobe / Inhibitor / Flame Holder / Steam Jacket / Auto-Repair Kit II
      • The required capacity of the following attachments has been reduced from 2 to 1:
        Reactive Shield / Scope / Schurzen / Volt Gun
      • The properties of the following attachments have been revised:
        Attachment Name Revised Properties
        Reactive Shield Counterattack damage will receive a bonus in proportion to frame skill level.
        Mana Booster Effect changed from increased spellcasting frequency to shortened casting time.
        Drum Magazine The penalty to accuracy will be eased slightly, and attack speed raised.
        Replicator Blink shadow quantity will be increased in proportion to number of active wind maneuvers.
        Shock Absorber Damage absorbed will receive a bonus based on frame skill and active ice maneuvers.
        Armor Plate
        Armor Plate +2
        Effect changed from enhanced defense to reduction of physical damage taken.
        Analyzer* Damage reduction effect will be made approximately three times as potent.
        Hammermill Shield Bash will always hit while Hammermill is equipped.
        Volt Gun Level dependency will be abolished, and a damage bonus will be granted based upon frame skill level and active thunder maneuvers.
        Heatsink Overload rate reduction will now apply to all maneuvers rather than just fire maneuvers.
        Damage Gauge Recast time for curing magic will be shortened.
        Eraser Will cure multiple status ailments and erase only light maneuvers.

        *The damage reduction rate and effect trigger conditions for the Analyzer attachment are scheduled to receive further revisions in the next test server update.

    • Automaton-related
      • Automaton behavior patterns have been refined.
      • Magic spells have been added/adjusted as follows:
        • Separate recast timers have been established for each category of magic, such as enhancing or enfeebling spells.
          *Cure-type spells, Regen-type spells, and status ailment removal spells will each have their own recast timer.
        • Automatons may now learn the following spells:
          Protect (I-V) / Shell (I-V) / Stoneskin / Haste / Phalanx / Erase / Absorb-Attri / Dispel / Dread Spikes / Addle / Regen IV
          *Phalanx and Stoneskin will only be cast upon the master.
          *Protect, Shell, and Haste will only be cast upon the master and party members.
        • Level IV elemental spells have been unlocked for the Stormmaker Y-700.
        • Automatons will occasionally cast Cure V instead of Cure VI depending on the target’s current HP.
      • Weapon skill adjustments
        • A minimum damage value has been established for Magic Mortar.
      • Sharpshot adjustments:
        • Distance modifications for ranged attacks have been abolished.


    • Master-related
      • A job ability which removes automaton status ailments has been added. (Lv. 30 / Recast time: 90 seconds)
        • This ability will require Automaton Oil, and will be effective on all status ailments curable by Erase and Na-type spells.
        • Up to four status ailments may be removed depending on the type of Automaton Oil used.
          *To accompany this change, the new item Automaton Oil +3 (Lv. 80) has been added.
  • Scholar
    • The potency of Regen while Light Arts is in effect has been increased, and its duration shortened.
    • The effect duration of Helix spells will now be based on the caster’s level.
      Level Duration
      20 — 39 30 seconds
      40 — 59 60 seconds
      60 and up 90 seconds

[dev1034] Campaign Adjustment

  • The amount of experience and Allied Notes earned from successful Campaign operations has been increased.

[dev1033] Voidwatch Adjustments

  • New key item: Periapt of Clarity
    Bearers of this periapt are granted insight into the magic type (white magic, black magic, blue magic, bard songs, ninjutsu) and element of their Voidwalker foe’s weakness.
    *This name and help text for this key item will appear in Japanese until the next test server update, scheduled to be implemented soon.
  • New Weaknesses
    VNMs now possess an extra weakness that may only be triggered once per battle. Exploiting such weaknesses will increase all spectral alignment values to their maximum level.
  • Additional Synchronic Blitz Bonuses
    Players will now receive spectral alignment bonuses based on the number of times their weapon skills, abilities, or magic attacks strike an enemy during a synchronic blitz.

[dev1032] Abyssea Adjustment

  • It is now more likely that the key item Clear Demilune Abyssite will evolve into Colorful Demilune Abyssite.

[dev1031] Outpost Teleportation Adjustment

  • It is now possible to warp from an outpost to your nation of allegiance using either gil or conquest points.