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[EU] FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone Updated (Oct. 28)

28 Oct 2011
At the time and date listed below, the FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone was updated.

[Date & Time]
Oct. 28, 2011 06:38 (GMT)

[Update Details]
* The drop down menus on the following pages will now retain previously made selections:

– History
– Linkshell Forum
– Linkshell Members List
– Search results page
– Recent Activity
– Follow page

* A maximum of 20 items can now be displayed under the "New Posts" section.

* It is now possible to view all of the past "Last Week’s Heroes" and "Yesterday’s Heroes" sections from earlier versions of "The Grand Companies of Eorzea" page.

* Players will receive notifications on their My Site pages in the event that one of their characters is featured on the "Last Week’s Heroes" or "Yesterday’s Heroes" section of "The Grand Companies of Eorzea" page.

* The Linkshell Members List will display which Grand Company each member is affiliated with. The list will also now be sortable by Grand Company.