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Event: The Curse of Al Howin Lives On

27 Oct 2011

Beware of funny looking Gobballs! It seems that a herd of these critters found a corrupted pumpkin patch that changed the color of their fur! Given the Harvest Season of the World of Twelve, some folks say that it is nothing but coincidence, but others… well, others proclaim signs point to an ancient blight… an evil that appears to have lived dormant for over a thousand years and a Great Flood

Field Report

So far, encounters with the mischievous Gobballs have confirmed that through… aggressive negotiationspumpkin pieces can be obtained. But while the curse may not be as strong enough to affect us disciples, it does affect the local wildlife nonetheless – most notably the noteworthy kind.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time to fight fire with fire and put an age-old problem to rest with an age-old solution… so grab a bite to eat, find your lantern, rally the tailors and wake the chefs! It’s going to be a Howin of a time.


The World Event begins October 27th and ends November 3rd.

Happy (Curse of) Al Howin.