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Patch 0.309: Sandy Shield & Sunny Snapper

26 Oct 2011


Today in WAKFU, play as the Feca while exploring the beautiful white sand beaches of Sufokia! And during your stay, why not enjoy the local amenities and browse the auction houses filled to the brim with all manner of objects for sale. But if bright colors are too fishy for your taste, dare instead to start a new profession in Brakmar’s Pabong Fields?



  • The nation of Sufokia appears! Complete with Snappers, blissful white sand beaches, and most of all: mystery! Start today and make this new nation prosper.
    • Only the first phase has been implemented for testing – the accessible area extends from its village (starting zone) to its three bridges, including the wild zone and the Dune of Kane. Further areas will be made available for testing in future content updates.
    • A Dev Blog can be found with additional information pertaining this country.


  • Pabong Fields is now accessible to adventurers, where Clan member Ely Sianfields will teach the Farmer profession.
  • The Headquarters has been graphically enhanced.


  • A Field Plant mini-dungeon has appeared in Amakna.
  • A Scaraleaf mini-dungeon has appeared in Brakmar.
  • A Snapper mini-dungeon has appeared in Sufokia.
  • The second phase of Bonta’s Blibli Dungeon has been removed.
  • The “Mad Rush” dungeon waves now loop correctly.
  • Baddoboss has been given dialog in the last room of the Riktus Hideout.
  • It is no longer possible to access the last room of the Three Pistes’s Dungeon without first defeating the two previous ones beforehand.



  • All Characteristic and Ability Points have been reset.
  • The “Initiative” Characteristic now costs 2 points to gain +1 Initiative.


  • Disciples of the Goddess Feca have made their debut! Please see the Dev Blog for more information.


  • Thunderbolt: Level of “Scalded” state now evolves according to the spell level.
  • Judgment: Chance of dealing “Blind” state has been reduced (normal and critical).
  • Super Iop Punch: Damage has been decreased; chance of dealing the “Explosion” state has been reduced.
  • Celestial Sword: Damage has been increased.
  • Iop’s Wrath: Chance of dealing “Explosion” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Rocknoceros: Chance of dealing “Stunned” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Impact: Action Point cost has been decreased; chance of dealing the “Bounded” state for both normal and critical damage has been reduced.
  • Charge: Damage has been decreased; chance of dealing the “Stunned” state for both normal and critical damage has been reduced; spell has been limited to one use per target, per turn.
  • Devastate: Chance of dealing the “Bounded” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Defensive Stance: Action Point cost has been decreased.
  • Authority: “Preparation” state is applied instead of “Power” state; spell no longer triggers if target is facing the opponent.
  • Expert Locker: “Preparation” state is applied instead of “Power” state.


  • Blazing Arrow: Chance of dealing the “Burning” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Blinding Arrow:  Chance of dealing the “Blindness” state has been decreased for Critical Hits
  • Burning Arrow:  Chance of dealing the “Burning” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Explosive Arrow:  Chance of dealing the “Explosion” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Arrow blow: “Bounded” state is now applied.
  • Homing Arrow:  “Aerial” state is now applied (+10% damage on the next Air attack).
  • Windy Beacon: Modified effect– now pushes only one cell.
  • Storm Arrow: Chance of dealing the “Tornado” state has been decreased for Critical Hits.
  • Disturbing Arrow: “Disturbed” state now increases final damage by 20%.
  • Powerful Shooting: Description corrected.


  • Healing Word: Healing decreased.
  • Revitalizing Word: Range increased.
  • Renewing Word: “Aquaheal” state is now applied (increases the next heal by 10%).
  • Fortifying Word: Limited to one use per turn.
  • Psykosis Flask: Movement Point cost reduced; spell limited to one use per target, per turn.
  • Fear flask: Damage increased.
  • Infected Flask: “Gangrene” state damage has been reduced.
  • Traid Mark: Cannot be used on a Sadida doll.


  • Crackrock Blow: Damage has been decreased.
  • Lethal Slingshot: Damage has been decreased; properly considers orientation of the target.
  • Colonnades: Action Point cost has been increased.
  • Smasher: Damage has been decreased.
  • Tattracting Fist: “Awkward” state is now applied; “Awkward” state level change.
  • Death Sentence: Limited to one use per turn.
  • Motion Sickness: Applies loss of 5 Air Damage per cell traveled across.
  • Rocky Foot: “Awkward” state level change.


  • Rust: Damage has been increased.
  • Wooland Stench: Range has been increased.
  • Gust Action Point cost has been decreased.
  • Doll: Action Point cost has been increased; doll Health Points has been increased.
  • Doll Sacrifice: Doll Health Point absorption percentage has been decreased.
  • Sic’Em More: Action Point cost has been decreased; Wakfu Point cost has been decreased;  “Nettled” state has been removed; range has been increased.
  • Explodoll: Damage has been decreased.
  • Doll Sacrifice: Damage has been increased.


  • Karchamrak: Cannot use on an Ecaflip while “Cat Tree” is active; carrying or placing abarrel no longer affects a Rogue’s “Rogue’s Image”.
  • Blisskrieg: Description has been revised to help understanding the spell.
  • Eniripsa spells do not full up the barrel anymore.
  • Merry Pandawa bonuses are now correctly lost when losing Merriment.


  • Rogue Image: Cannot be used while under the Pandawa’s “Carrying” state; no longer affected by placement of a Pandawa’s barrel.
  • Bomb X: Description text has been added.
  • Tornabomb: Description text has been added.
  • Burning Bomb: Description text has been added.
  • Exploding bombs now consider damage bonuses.
  • A system message has been added upon on a bomb turn losses.
  • The Rogue’s Image spell area has been modified in order to be clearer.
  • The class tooltip has been added.


  • Health Points for the “Black Bow Meow” now evolve in parallel with the Health Points of its summoner.
  • Double or Quits: Can only be used 3 times per turn.
  • Feline Leap: Cannot be used while under the Pandawa’s “Carrying” state.
  • Laceration: Cannot be used while under the Pandawa’s “Carrying” state.
  • Hunter: Cannot be used while under the Pandawa’s “Carrying” state.
  • The Cat Tree spell stabilizes the Ecaflip and prevents teleportation. Feline Leap cannot be used anymore from Cat Tree.
  • Coney Mark or Rebirth Mark cannot be used anymore on an Ecaflip with the Ecaflip Paw state. When the Ecaflip gains the Ecaflip Paw, both marks are lost.


  • Rollback : Does not give back Wakfu Points.
  • Hand: Initiative loss now evolves in parallel to the level of the spell.
  • Line of Fire: Initiative loss now evolves in parallel to the level of the spell.
  • Temporal Dust: Initiative loss now evolves in parallel to the level of the spell.


  • XP distribution formula has been revised:
    • Creatures will always issue XP, regardless of level difference between creature and aggressor.
    • If creature level is less than that of the aggressor, XP gain remains the same.
    • If creature level is superior to that of the aggressor, XP gains are slightly larger.
    • Party size bonus has been decreased.
    • Leveling curve has been adjusted.
  • The “Awkward”  state is constitutes -1 Dodge per level instead of -5 Dodge per level.
  • “Awkward” state level change has been applied to following spells: Rocky Foot (Sacrier), Tattracting Fist (Sacrier), Shield Blow (Badgoat), Larvaglue (Larvas), and Clawburst (Cap’n Crablock).
  • Tackle and Dodge limits are now 5/95% instead of 10/90%.

Creatures & Ecosystems

  • New creature families are populating Sufokia:
    • Snappers
    • Crabs
    • Albatrocious
  • The Toad family has been revised.
  • The Royal Gobball correctly appears in Mourning Wood.
  • The Tombola Stone groups have been reduced.
  • Wild Gobballs linked to the Wild Estates correctly appear in the nation that has conquered the Gobbsage.
  • Polters no longer curse already afflicted targets.
  • Placement distribution has been revised for the the following creatures: Toads, Boos, Moskitos, Treechnids, Arachnees, Whirligigs, Crobaks, and Riktus.
  • Riktus Bandit group spawning is now random and respawn timer has been extended.
  • Sylvester the Poopeteer (Hoodlum) now activates seeds correctly.
  • Players can now stomp the Gobball and Crozoli seeds in the Crozoli Meaddows.
  • Apple trees have replaced Api trees in Kara, Bonta.
  • Birch now grows next to Weeping Willows in Cania Swamps, Bonta.
  • It is now impossible to import Thistles into Morporg’s territory, Brakmar.
  • Ecosystems will be reset due to the above changes and balancing.



  • All equipment pieces have had their stats evaluated and adjusted accordingly.
  • All crafted equipment pieces will now follow the following rules:
    • From level 0 to 15, the item has only one characteristic stat.
    • From level 16 to 50, the item has 3 different characteristic stats.
    • Above level 51, the item has 5 different characteristic stats.
    • Several equipment pieces have not yet been included in this ruleset.
  • Obtaining a particular stat on a crafted equipment piece is random and is not linked to the profession level.
  • Certain modified equipment pieces may have resulted in deletion from player inventories.
  • Burp emote’s secret recipe has been modified.
  • Canoon Powder recipe is available and drops correctly on all creatures.
  • Bombs and Megabombs now have a clearer description about their use.

Auction House

  • Market Places are now outfitted with brand new Auction Houses, a fine amenity which holds all manner of items and equipment pieces which have been put up for sale by their respective owners.
  • This new method of selling allows you to barter your items without stopping normal gameplay. It is therefore a sublime alternative to selling through the Haven Bag (which is still made possible).
  • Allowing up to 10 items to be deposited at a time, an Auction House will charge a tax (based off the government’s set rate) in order to sell your item for a period of either 24 to 72 hours.
  • Buyers will be able to collect purchased items directly from the Auction House.
  • Each continent will have 3 Auction Houses (one per Merchant Bridge) that are interlinked to each other.
    • Example: You can deposit an item at Swords Crossing and the same item can be bought at Crusty Road.
  • Once an item is  sold, or if the sale duration expires, you will be invited to visit an Auction Houses in order to collect your Kamas and/or unsold item.
  • This new economy system replaces the function of the chalkboard for Haven Bag advertisement.


  • Achievements have been reset due to the new updates made.
  • Professions: 19 new achievements
  • World: new achievements related to the new territories of Brakmar and Sufokia.
  • New type of achievements: Events, in which seasonal achievements will be available.
  • The following achievements have been modified to remove the unachievable objectives: Pokemob Plants, Pokemob Bliblis, Pokemob Tofus, Pokemob Gobballs, Bonta Bonta Pon!, Trou-trou, Craft Star (Bonta), Trackmakna, Alibert Odyssey, Begginers’ Aone.
  • The achievement “Smiled to Life” has been fixed and can now be completed.


  • Sound effects have been added for: Rogue, Boonbot, Sadida Totem, Crab Family, Snapper Family, Albatrocious, Sufokia Clan Members, and Brakmar’s Clan Member Ely Sianfields.
  • Addition of musical and atmospheric sound effects for Sufokia’s zones, Pabong Fields, Brakmar’s Wild Zone, Brakmastrub and Sufokiastrub.
  • Sound effects added to Stoodeep Mine animations.
  • Sound effects added to the Wild Gobballs’s charge.
  • Bug fix of the “Draw water” animation.
  • Atmospheric sound fix of the Under Mine.
  • Shushu sounds in the Shustuft Crust dungeon should now play as intended.


  • A new User Interface screen asks the players to select a nickname if their Ankama account does not yet have one assigned.
  • Several help notices have been added to Incarnam to assist new players.
  • Explanatory posters were added to the entrance of the Stoodeep Mines.
  • Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia buildings have names like those in Amakna.
  • Adding a contact to the Friend List or Ignore List now offers to delete the contact from the other list if present.
  • Titles displayed in a characters’ info-bubble now correctly takes into account the sex of the belonging character, and not the sex of the character reading the info-bubble.
  • Passport info-bubbles are now working properly.
  • Fixed “Private property” law.
  • Removed “Charity” law .
  • The particle effect bug within the Drheller dungeon has been corrected.
  • Occurrences of inappropriately enlarged weapons should no longer take place.
  • A client technical issue resulting in freezing/shaking of the screen have been resolved.
  • The platform along the counter of the Astrub tavern has been emptied of its tables and stools due to the lack of space. A pump was added to the central platform instead.