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The October Version Update is Here!

25 Oct 2011

The FINAL FANTASY XI team has implemented new BCNM battlefields, Voidwatch adjustments, and other improvements to Vana’diel just in time for Halloween!

Read on for the details.


  • Voidwatch has undergone the following revisions:
    • The planar rift on the second floor of Delkfutt’s Tower is now located at F-5 instead of J-5.
    • It is now possible for players to fulfill victory conditions even if they find themselves disconnected when the enemy is defeated. This can be accomplished by examining the accompanying riftworn pyxis upon reconnecting.


  • [dev1030] New Battlefields
    New Burning Circle Notorious Monster (BCNM) battlefields have been added.

    Name:  versionup1026.jpg Views: 29 Size:  41.4 KB

    Locations, entry requirements, and other conditions for the new battlefields will be as follows:

    Orb Type Price Location Battlefield Name Restrictions
    Phobos Orb 30 Kindred’s Crests Spire of Holla Empty Hopes Level: Any
    Time: 15 min.
    Participants: 6
    Spire of Dem Empty Dreams Level: Any
    Time: 15 min.
    Participants: 6
    Spire of Mea Empty Desires Level: Any
    Time: 15 min.
    Participants: 6
    Deimos Orb 50 Kindred’s Crests Spire of Vahzl Empty Aspirations Level: Any
    Time: 15 min.
    Participants: 6

    * Players victorious in the battlefields at the Spires of Holla, Dem, Mea, and Vahzl will receive items that may, in turn, be traded to the NPC Shami to claim rewards.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been rectified:
    • The issue in which players were occasionally unable to warp back to their home nation from outposts after changing their nation of allegiance.
    • The issue in which the VNM Aello would stop attacking under certain circumstances.
    • The issue in which the VNM Akvan would erroneously drop Moon Amulets on occasion.
    • The issue in which armoury crates for the BCNM battlefield Taurassic Park would occasionally fail to spawn.
    • The issue in which the Abyssea – Grauberg NM Amphitrite would unintentionally switch from absorbing physical damage to absorbing magic damage.
    • The issue in which incorrect item names were displayed during conversations with certain Voidwatch NPCs.
    • The issue in which Japanese text was displayed alongside the English during part of a conversation with the Voidwatch Officer NPCs.
    • The issue in which the help text for Scroll of Break did not include “DRK Lv.95”.
    • The issue in which the item Habaneros could not be put up for auction.

Known Issues (English-language version only)

  • A line of Japanese text will occasionally appear at the conclusion of new battlefields containing the Anamnestic Vault enemy.