Ask the Devs: Answers #3 [XL Edition]

The team is proud to present the answers to the third “Ask the Devs” Questions & Answers feature [XL Edition]! We have the answers to your burning questions regarding everything WAKFU!

During the week of 7/15 – 7/22, we held the first portion of our third “Ask the Devs” community feature.

In respect to many major game changes that took place during the last few months, we selected fifteen questions in a special “XL Edition” which were graciously answered by:

  • Theturtle, Lead Developer 
  • Lazura, Head of Project
  • Chesco, Square Enix Producer


1.   Question by highhome

What kind of changes to our current “Guilds” will you make? Maybe another level system, which might give each character small boosts? (View Post)

Answer:  Hi, there will be improvements made to guilds, although we are focusing on other priorities at the moment. Regardless, a few changes are already being considered as we speak.


2.   Question by lilWillow

Can you guys create a better system for party searches/recruitment? (View Post)

Answer:  It is obviously a situation that we will need to address sooner or later. Certain points regarding dungeons are already being evaluated; like interest in whether or not to change the entry key system required  to access dungeons and the death system which is also related to it.

3.   Question by Kanjeero

Are more quests going to be developed to eliminate the “grind” feel so heavily present in WAKFU? (View Post)

Answer: We do not have “Quests.” However, outside of this lexical problem, yes, there will be Challenges & Achievements that won’t directly relate to grinding. These are envisioned to be more like mini-games.

Furthermore, we are planning to soon integrate a more global Challenge in order to refocus players’ goals in addition to an overall increase in the amount of Achievements that revolve around the progression of WAKFU’s history.

4.   Question by Vexia

WAKFU is definitely a sandbox game, and one of the joys of sandboxes is player-created content. Currently, the game lacks any real form of directions or quests, but do you think that player-created content (quests, challenges, and more) could serve to fill that void and thus keep more players interested in the game? This player created content could also support role-players and significantly reduce the heavy grind which many players are proving reluctant to undertake (myself included). If there currently aren’t any plans for player-created content, would you consider it? (View Post)

Answer:  For now, the only player-created content being considered is through community contests such as the “All Roads Lead to Brakmar” naming contest in addition to a few older ones, like the item set creation contest and beach creation contest. For more complex systems, such as challenges, we will evaluate the feasibility after the official release of the game. In the meantime, we still have a lot of ideas yet to be implemented. 

5.   Question by 0ut

Can you add something that helps hold my hand, and guide me through all the quests (like the gemlin did for the beginning) instead of just a quest tab in the menu screen (which is also quite vague, maybe add a quest tracker that shows you where to go)? (View Post)

Answer:  It is one thing to hand-hold players at the beginning of the game, but there must come a time to let them fly on their own (which we think is good thing). The discovery and search of secrets is an important aspect of the game. But with that said, it is a question that is on our mind a lot right now and which is very close to our hearts but nothing is yet planned.

 6.   Question by Vexia

It appears that the equipment which I have crafted and equipped to my character could easily be removed and sold in the market place which would increase the supply of such items, as players who no longer needed their equipment could simply remove it and sell it to a lower-level character in need of the gear. Does Ankama plan to make such gear incapable of being sold or traded after the initial equip, so that crafters won’t find that the same sets of armor are just being passed around thus decreasing the demand of their work? (View Post)

Answer:  This is indeed a very interesting question and it is of course not our intention to see the work of crafters devalued. We will review the economy in general shortly.

7.   Question by DMustang

What changes can we expect on the current spell system? In the previous Ask the Devs#2 it was said that builds with skills from different trees would be stronger than builds focusing in just one, but for the moment the latter seems to be the better choice (raising the attack power %). What can we expect to change in order for this to be implemented? (View Post)

Answer:  It is always our goal to make multi-branch builds interesting. A lot of classes have spells that work best with spells from another elemental branch such as the Pandawa with their Earth and Fire spells.

At this time, the more spells are diverse, the more you will gain attack power. 

8.   Question by Cattlebruiser

Are there any plans to add higher level skills/spells for each class’s elements? (View Post)

Answer:  It is currently not scheduled at this time, but we will decide according to the game’s continued development.


9.   Question by DMustang

Since the economy will be entirely defined by players it seems that lower level crafting items will be absolutely useless, they will be too weak to help a player and more than likely not sell, with this in mind, are this items sole purpose to lvl a skill? If so, wouldn’t it be better to make this items a bit more difficult to craft in exchange for making them a bit more powerful, thus they would be valuable to the buyer as well as the crafter?(View Post)

Answer:  Please see the response for question #6 — we will be doing an evaluation of the economy very soon.

10.  Question by Apewall

Will we be able to expand on the housing system of haven bags to having actual guild houses? (View Post)

Answer:  In a global way, the housing and haven bag system may have a few surprises in store for you; we are currently working on that subject now.


11.   Question by SkylerH

Whenever I’m playing in a group with friends, when I fight monsters, almost every time I get 0 to 1 xp from the fights. But when I’m by myself I get reasonable numbers could you explain this issue?(View Post)

Answer:  To gain the maximum number of XP possible, the monster group level must be equivalent, or close, to the player group level.

12.  Question by Ninjakittie

WAKFU is known to have no npc/quests. But we already have the Clan Members… have you ever thought of adding quest lines tied to the Clan Members to keep people busy from the normal day grind? (View Post)

Answer:  This is exactly what the Challenges and Zone Achievements are meant for. To get closer to the question, we refer to answer #3: the future arrival of the Challenges & Achievements not related to grinding. In all cases, Clan Members have to stay as the central element of progression in WAKFU.

13.   Question by Xander-is-Kander

Will there be a way to immigrate or switch citizenship to other nations in the game some day?(View Post)

Answer:  At this time, we consider the player’s choice of their nation to be very important as it gives an identity it gives purpose to the political features and directly affects game experience. Even more so, all nations aren’t yet available… that is why we do not allow any changes/switch of citizenship at this time.

14.  Question by Neneko88

Can you make gobs, tofus, and monsters in other areas become stronger over time? (View Post)

Answer:  This was the case in Version 1 of WAKFU. Creature evolution was left aside this time because it wasn’t offering much more to the game experience. Furthermore, as it turns out, this system has large potential to unbalance ecosystems with amplified risk due to player actions, and lack therefore, on the environment.

15.   Question by DMustang

As far as SE goes. What can we expect, as players, from the partnership with Ankama. What benefits or changes to the actuall game/content will we see because of SE. (View Post)

Answer:  When the partnership was made between Ankama and Square Enix, it wasn’t made with the intention to drastically change the course of gameplay for WAKFU, but to ensure that as many North American players had a chance to discover the game.

That being said, you can still expect quite a bit. Our mission is to make sure that North American players are heard, and — most importantly — understood, and that future updates take those opinions into account. In fact, we have staffed a Community Team specifically dedicated to working with you to make WAKFU as enjoyable as possible, not only in terms of gameplay feedback coordination, but also through customized events, contests, and other great activities. As our partnership matures, you may see some fun collaborative efforts, including a few that’ll take place very soon.

In closing, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in this event and we hope to see you around the forums and in-game!

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