FINAL FANTASY XI Roadmap for October 2011 – March 2012

Attention, adventurers of Vana’diel!

Today, we are pleased to present an updated FINAL FANTASY XI roadmap covering the months of October 2011 through March 2012.

Searching for some direction in FINAL FANTASY XI? Look no further.

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*Dates noted on the roadmap indicate the time at which new content will be introduced on the test server.

October 2011-March 2012

With the addition of the test server, the FINAL FANTASY XI development cycle will shift from the periodic large-scale version updates seen thus far to a more frequent introduction of specific content as it becomes ready for release. That content will be tested by you, the players, and refined by our development and quality assurance teams to ensure the most challenging and enjoyable playing experience possible.

New content will hereafter be implemented in the following manner:

  1. Development of new content
  2. Introduction on test server and announcement on official forums
  3. Playtesting phase
    1. Feedback from test server participants received.
    2. Development and QA teams explore possible revisions.
  4. Refinement phase
    Content is adjusted based on playtesting feedback and reintroduced on the test server.
    (*Cycle repeats from step two until content is deemed ready for release.)
  5. Content released!

The following new content is scheduled to feature on the test server in the coming months:


  • October
    The next installment in the Voidwatch saga, new Walk of Echoes walks, additional BCNM battlefields, and upgrades for relic equipment are scheduled for introduction this month.

    A daily reward system is also under development for this month, along with adjustments to the warrior, thief, and scholar jobs.
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  • November
    An increase in the level cap from level 95 to 99 as well as additional adventures to embark upon, new job abilities and appropriate refinements for existing ones round out the planned focus for this month’s content.

    For player convenience, monster placement will be adjusted and the porter moogle system expanded.
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  • December
    Features proposed for this month include a new battle system for level 99 players—tentatively named The Last Stand, a renewal of the Nyzul Isle Investigation battlefield, additional weapon skills, a level cap increase for adventuring fellows to 95, and further job adjustments.
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  • January
    This month’s test server update is scheduled to introduce the fourth chapter of Voidwatch, additional job adjustments aimed at level 99 characters, and refinements to merit point groups one and two. The scope of these job and merit point adjustments will likely exceed even those implemented with the level 99 cap increase.
  • February
    Features planned for this month include: a new dungeon crawl system, the latter half of Voidwatch’s fourth chapter, a further expansion of the porter moogle system, and adjustments to limit break quest difficulty.
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  • March
    Expansions to the Limbus and Einherjar battlefields, along with further job adjustments and two-hour abilities obtainable via merit points are set to be introduced this month.
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