[EU]Forum Features Updated (Oct. 20)

The following adjustments and additions have been made to the forums along with the maintenance performed on Oct. 19th.

  • The ability to embed an image within a post has been implemented.
    By wrapping the URL of an image with an [IMG] tag, it will be displayed within the post.
    Also please refer to the FINAL FANTASY XIV User Agreement and/or the FINAL FANTASY XIV Forum Guidelines once again before utilizing this function.

    * Images that exceed the maximum resolution will be resized automatically.
    * Please be aware that images cannot be uploaded to the forum. This feature only allows players to embed images that are already up on the internet.
    * Please note that this function is still in the testing phase. There is a possibility where this function may be removed.

  • When replying to a post by using "Reply With Quote," the avatar of the original poster will be displayed along with their quoted text.
    * Under certain circumstances, the avatar of the original poster will not be displayed next to the quote. This issue will be addressed in a follow-up maintenance.

  • Under Threaded Mode and Hybrid Mode, the link to the posts made by the Development and Operation Teams will be displayed at the top of the thread.
    * This function is also planned to become available when viewing in Linear Mode.

  • Now your associated character’s avatar on The Lodestone will be displayed as the avatar on the forum.
    Along with this change, you may no longer designate which character image you wish to be displayed as your avatar.