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Dev Blog: A new Gameplay for the Feca

20 Oct 2011

The highly anticipated Feca will appear in WAKFU upon the next content update! Discover within this Dev Blog the specifics of the Feca’s protective shields and glyphs, which promise to please strategy and versatility fans alike.


Worthy representatives of the Goddess of Protection herself, Feca disciples are masters in the art of armor and Glyphs. While far from being the most powerful fighting class, they are nonetheless prized allies and a considerable pillar to their companions.

Each Feca Elemental Spell has three different effects which are dependent on their target – a neutral Glyph, an ally, or an enemy equipped with neutral-laced armor.

Glyph Feature

The Feca must first have placed a neutral Glyph on the ground using his specialty spell. Once the Glyph is placed, it retrieves charges and can be destroyed but does not possess any effect, block any line of sight, or induce any movement.

Once a Glyph is activated through the use of an Elemental Spell, it begins to function and an Area of Effect appears. The Glyph’s Area of Effect depends on the spell used to activate it.

A Glyph has three charges by default and will lose one for each sustained attack, meaning that, for each attack carried out on a Glyph-embedded cell, even if a player is located on that same cell, a charge will be lost. And if the Glyph’s charges fully deplete, the mark will vanish. Of course, the quantity of available simultaneous Glyphs is subject to the Feca’s level of ability.

Armor Feature

The Feca armor system is similar to Glyphs, however, instead of being placed onto a cell, it is instead implanted onto an entity.

To utilize this feature, the Feca must first mark a fighter, whether ally or enemy, through the use of the Specialty Spell. This neutral armor will not have any effect until it has been transformed by an Elemental Spell from one of the Feca’s three Elemental branches. Note that an Elemental Spell cast on a target marked by neutral armor does not inflict damage. The armor stays applied to a fighter as long as they are carrying plates.

The armor loses one of these plates each round and, in addition, each time damage is taken.
Furthermore, armor is not cumulative on the same character and the number of plates is subject to the level of ability.

Water Branch

The Water branch focuses primarily on support. It offers all kinds of resistance; either direct damage, Action Point loss, or even Movement Point loss.

  • Drip: Basically, Drip inflicts simple Water damage. This spell can also increase the resistance of an armor equipped target or, potentially, of multiple targets if cast directly on a Glyph.
  • Steam: The Feca commands the Water element to inflict damage! Cast on an armor equipped target, this spell regenerates. Cast on a Glyph, it increases the lock of the targets that are positioned at the Glyph.
  • Bubble: Easy to cast, Bubble inflicts Water damage. On an armor equipped target, this spell gives a chance to recover 1 AP upon every attack received! Cast on a Glyph, it will increase Initiative.
  • Avalanche: Inflicts heavy area damage! Cast on an armor equipped target, this spell reduces the chances of losing AP and MP. Cast on a Glyph, it gives AP to the targets that are positioned at the Glyph.
  • Crashing Wave: This spell inflicts damage, unless cast on a target’s armor, in which case it increases its resistance to States. Cast on a Glyph, it increases Critical Hits to the targets positioned at the Glyph.

Fire Branch

As they say, a great defense can often be a great offense, and the Fire branch is the offensive branch of the Feca. Additionally, armor is the ideal tool to throw at foes in order to interrupt them in combat, and the Glyphs call upon natural forces to harm the opponent.

  • Natural Attack: Inflicts direct damage or allows a Glyph to inflict Fire damage on the targets positioned at the Glyph. Cast on an armor equipped target, it decreases its resistances.
  • Meteorite Shower: Dreadful, this spell inflicts damage or activates a Glyph which will make meteors fall on the targets positioned on it. Cast on an armor equipped target, it will inflict damage on the target at the start of each turn.
  • Flaming Carpet: The Feca inflicts Fire damage or places an armor set which will inflict damage at each spell cast. If the target is a Glyph, it will allow it to inflict damage and to be able to apply the Blind state.
  • Fecastopheles: The Feca inflicts damage or places a Glyph that injures targets positioned at the Glyph. An armor equipped target will be weakened at each inflicted blow.
  • Volcano: Inflicts Fire damage, or activates a Glyph that will injure targets positioned at the Glyph. On an armor equipped target, it causes a loss of Health Points based on remaining AP and MP.

Earth Branch

The Earth Branch mixes both defense and offense philosophies, and is oriented towards countering attacks. This way, the Feca armor only reacts in the event of an attack upon its carrier.

  • Fecablades: Essentially, this spells inflicts Earth damage. Cast on an armor equipped target, it does damage each time the wearer is attacked. It also allows the activation of a Glyph that partially rebounds damage suffered by allies.
  • Fecammer: Inflicts heavy damage! This spell can activate an armor which rebounds damage from melee attacks. It also allows you to activate a Glyph that increases allies’ resistance.
  • Fecabo: Inflicts heavy damage! Cast on an armor equipped target, it will rebound damage from long-range attacks. It also allows the activation of a Glyph that will prevent allies from being pushed or pulled.
  • Wisdom Staff: Inflicts considerable Earth-type damage. It also allows the activation of a Glyph which grants allies 1 MP.
  • Defensive Orb: The Feca inflicts Earth damage. Cast on an armor equipped target, it does damage to enemies and also causes a loss of AP or MP to the wearer. It also allows the activation of a Glyph that increases allies’ resistance to states.

Feca Specialty

Active Specialty

  • Glyph or Armor: Cast on a target, this spell enables the Feca to equip it with neutral armor. Cast on the ground, it places a neutral Glyph. Both of them have to be activated with an Elemental Spell to perform.
  • Rainbow Peace Armor: This spell protects the Feca by decreasing inflicted damage. Upon withdrawal, the Feca receives any damage that should have been received, but not reduced. Only works on an armor equipped Feca.
  • Teleportation: Allows the Feca to teleport to a Glyph previously activated by an Elemental Spell on the ground.
  • Deglyphment: The Feca can withdraw one of its Glyphs activated by a ground Elemental Spell. The Glyph applies the Explosive Glyph effect and inflicts damage.
  • Pacification: The Feca reverses its resistance and damage percentages to increase its striking power.

Passive specialties:

  • Spell Rebound: The Feca is able to reflect a portion of damage received back to its aggressors.
  • Feca Master: The Glyphs and armor of the Feca become more resistant by respectively having more charges and plates. Master Feca also allows the Feca to increase its Mechanics.
  • Explosive Glyph: The Glyphs explode when destroyed, inflicting damage based on the charges left. Glyphs automatically lose a charge each turn and when they are attacked.
  • Ironclad: Increases the natural armor of the Feca, making it more resistant to all attacks.
  • Intimidation Aura: The Feca makes itself intimidating, which can reduce the resistance of its enemies when they enter the Feca’s Lock Zone.