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Dev Blog: Sufokia Unveiled!

13 Oct 2011

In the next update of WAKFU, a new nation will appear: The paradise nation but also very mysterious Sufokia! Grab your swimsuit, your shovel and bucket, and catch a glimpse of the archipelago!

Sufokia, the most paradise oriented of all nations.

Well…if at least, there were no beach monsters that comes to tickle the tourists.

Between Albatrocious, an ill-tempered bird of great misfortune, and Zordfish, who skewer many unwary adventurer, not to mention Bernardo del Reya who wants to soften you with his simple minded appearance (he is far more devious than he appears); relaxation on the beaches of Sufokia is not so easy to find.

But fortunately, the Clan Members are on the watch! Jonk Ussack is responsible for welcoming newcomers to the Village of Sufokia, Malosinus controls the Way of the Powder; and Billon Stroud manages The Dune of Kane. Together, they form a real crew, ready to greet you!


From it’s treacherous sandy beaches, mysterious ruins and even fearsome sea monsters, Sufokia is what you would call adventure with a capital A, discover it in the next patch for WAKFU!